Idea(s) for a third installment?

Subnautica 9 - Idea(s) for a third installment?

I haven't played Below Zero yet, so I have no idea what its plot might be, so if its plot conflicts with my vision here please don't spoil it for me.

A hundred years after Riley escaped 4645B, Alterra has established a small colony there. Mostly a resort location (on the opposite side of the planet from where the Degassi, Aurora, & Sunbeam crashed) in a chain of small islands from an extinct chain of volcanoes, each with a gradual slope and plenty of safe shallows. The islands are spaced far enough part that between them there tends to be some deep valleys. Visitors would often be ferried island to island via a series of air transports or high speed watercraft.

4645B, however, is not so easy to tame. While Riley and the Emperor may have prevented worldwide extinction on the planet, the Precursors didn't just use it for quarantine and research. It was also a place of safe storage. A locked down, high security location where they could safely store things they were afraid of, or, ashamed of.

They engineered the Warpers, but that's not all. In Alterras efforts to expand the colony, they drilled down into one of the volcanoes to try and reach a level where they might utilize geothermal power, so they wouldn't have to keep shipping in Nuclear Fuel Rods. In doing so, they inadvertently drilled right into a Precursor vault. Not only were the contents there, a form of engineered bioweapon, awakened and released, killing nearly all of the visitors and staff at the resort, but it's reintroduced the Kharaa to the local ecosystem as well, and, well, there's just five of our old friends capable of curing it on the whole planet, and that's if they've reached maturity enough to do what needs be done, and if you can find them.

Alterra had invested quite a lot of money into developing 4645B, and the consequences of publicity of the incident could cost them the next generation phasegate contract from the federation. So, they've sent a small team to try and get things back in order.

The team is mostly support, there to help analyze and cure Kharaa, care for survivors, etc. They, however, are quarantined aboard the ship in orbit. You see, they tried to synthesize a Kharaa vaccine from Riley after his return, but all efforts failed, all but one. You. You were the one human trial their attempts at a Kharaa Vaccine actually worked for. You, alone, are immune.

Now, whatever creatures were released from the precursor vault appearred to be ill-adapted to 4645B, and like the Precursors, particularly susceptible to Kharaa, and after their initial release and their rampage through the islands, they mostly fell to the disease, however, residual security feeds from the resort show at least five remain active.

So your mission is as follows:

  • Rescue all remaining survivors of the resort, from individuals who find good hiding spots, to small groups who were away from the resort when the incident occurred. Get them to the spaceport, get them into cryo-preservation, and get them up to the ship in orbit for safekeeping.

  • Subdue any remaing bioweapons that haven't succumbed to Kharaa. Subdue, not eliminate, understanding what they are and what they might've been could unlock more answers about the precursors.

  • Reestablish containment of the Precursor Vault.

  • Locate one of the five cure-bearing juvenile Emperors on 4645B, and secure its help in distributing a fresh batch of the cure, if possible.

To this end, you will be dropped with all the equipment and raw materials needed for your mission.

Lol, nope.

You set down in the middle of a terrible storm, high winds, lightning, sheets of rain, the whole deal. As you make your way to the nearest shelter, a fuel cell delivery vehicle on the tarmac is damaged by flying debris and explodes, taking your landing craft and the uplink tower with it. The debris flies everywhere and your last memory is the structure you're in collapsing. You wake up the next day.

You are left alone, no tools besides your knife and scanner, in a mostly storm-trashed resort, where all the fabricators are locked to civilian mode, basic food, medical supplies, and clothing only. In addition, you have no way of communicating with the ship in orbit. (Reestablishing communications would be added to your PDA as a mission critical task)

The gameplay changes would include:

As in Subnautica you have to advance your ability to craft items by exploration & scanning, but, in place of Blueprints, you'll find Authorization Codes used by various Resort employees to access additional blueprints already stored in the system. Most habitats are utterly destroyed, tossed around by the storm, materials unuseable, so you'll have to find, scan, and build your own base of operations, at land or sea, after finding the raw materials, of course.

In addition to the return of all our old favorites from Subnautica, you'll also gain access to specific land vehicles, boats, and small VTOL aircraft, as well as facilities to maintain and upgrade them.

As there's more land to be explored than previously, a more diverse selection of land biomes will be present, complete with flora and (both carnivore and herbivore) fauna. All the old undersea biomes will reappear, and a few new ones as you explore the valleys, caves (above water & below), and seafloor around the islands.

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