Into the Abyss

Subnautica 8 - Into the Abyss
  • Nickel. I need nickel. The Antlion, my pride and joy, a massive submarine 177 feet long can dive deep. But, it can go deeper. If I had nickel, that is. After scouring the sunlight zone of the sea, I realize my efforts are for naught. In order to get that which allows me to dive deeper, I must dive deeper myself. I must travel to the Lost River, a sprawling cavern laid deep underneath the ground, sporting its own entrance to purgatory. I descend into the depths of the Blood Kelp Trench, a narrow abyss filled with great fibers of crimson kelp, like the hands of the dead reaching for sunlight. I must descend into the abyss. I make my way to the Lost River, fog shrouds my view, making navigating the cramped spaces difficult. I exit my Cyclops in my Prawn Suit, allowing me to mine for minerals. I find Titanium, Silver l, and even Uranium, but alas, nickel remains ever elusive. I decide to call it a day and head home, but I have lost my way. I attempt to escape, while searching for Nickel. The underwater rivers made of acidic brine glow underneath the Cyclop’s headlights, revealing a waterfall of sorts leading upwards. I travel up. I emerge in a cavern filled with giant coral, reminiscent of great dead trees, hoping there will be a way out I continue on. I find my ship cornered against a dead end, and hop out with my Prawn to search for nickel. My efforts are rewarded. Sweet precious Nickel. Enough to fulfill my needs for days. Something roars. It does not want me here, in its home. A Ghost Leviathan. A great big bioluminescent bastard, bigger than my ship with a hunger for plankton, and rather pissed I am inside its cave. It is between my Cyclops and the waterfall back down. My Cyclops is defenseless. I turn the Antlion around, knowing I have no other hope than getting by the Ghost. Turning on silent running, and slowly moving by in an attempt to placate the beast. It fails. Its head like a battering ram, it charges into the Antlion’s flank, loops around and charges again. I turn off the engine to play dead, exit the command panel and find my ship flooding. I must leave its metal walls to repair them. I exit, seeing my “Keep Calm” poster above the exit hatch, a feeble attempt to calm my nerves. I leave my precious home, armed with only a Stungun, Thermal Knife, and a repair tool. The Ghost does not like me undoing its handiwork, and charges me every time I repair the Antlion. I stand my ground, and fire my stungun at it, temporarily stunning it. I re-enter the Cyclops, good as new. The path to escape is clear. I activate full speed, covering large amounts of ground, only to become ensnared in one of the many coral dotting the cave. I am vulnerable. A scream followed by the sound of metal breaking announces the return of the Ghost. I cannot fight it in the Prawn, as during the fight the Antlion would bleed out. I must venture out again. The same thing happens as last time, however instead of covering ground the noise made by attempting to dislodge myself from the coral tree angers the Leviathan, slamming my Cyclops back into the trees cold embrace. I exit again, the Keep Calm poster mocking me. I repair the ship, stun the leviathan, and attempt to escape once more. The Ghost bashes me back into the tree once more. The Antlions power is beginning to run low. If it dies, I am left to a watery grave. I must fight the Ghost armed with only a knife and stungun, dwarfed by its sheer size. After a five minute long struggle, it goes limp. I have won. I scan its corpse only to find it is a baby. A baby the size of a Freight Train. Its corpse falls to the cavern floor and sinks into the earth. It will bother me no longer. I had lost my sense of direction during the fight and frantically search for the waterfall, hoping nothing bigger smells the dead Ghost and comes to visit. I find an exit into the Northern Blood Kelp. Sunlight. Freedom. As I ascend from the depths of purgatory, I am greeting with a familiar visage. A Ghost Leviathan. And this one is bigger. It makes its way towards the cockpit, staring me in the eyes as it advances. Suddenly, it turns back into the inky blackness, mocking me. I am not worth its time. I have been given life.

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