Just looted the Aurora, and I now have a greater sense of how desperate I am(midgame spoilers)

Subnautica 6 - Just looted the Aurora, and I now have a greater sense of how desperate I am(midgame spoilers)

So I just finished looting the Aurora, which I found to be a surprisingly relaxing activity. There were very few hostile fauna around, food and water was plentiful, I was walking around on dry decks, and generally I wasn't worried about much. Even preventing the engines from irradiating the whole planet was fairly easy and made me feel good about my impact on this planet for once. It felt like I stopped playing Subnautica for a bit and was playing a more relaxing game, like System Shock 2.

In fact, my biggest problem was finding room to store all the great loot I was finding. My health, food, and water meters were filled almost all the time as I was constantly eating, drinking, and healing to make room for all the posters and stuffed animals I wanted to bring back home with me.

I got a ton of new blueprints; for the PRAWN suit, for the escape rocket off this planet, and for a bed (I can't imagine how tired I must be after weeks of barely surviving). Sure, I know I have a long way to go, but I can see a path to escape.


How quickly did that optimism fade as I left the Aurora, fighting crabs as I made it to the water, dropped more life form decoys than I probably needed to escape the Reaper, and took my Seamoth back to my base at the edge of the kelp forests, dodging Stalkers on the way home. I spent some time trying to beef up my base, only to discover I still can't set up a bed since I don't have a multipurpose room. My hoard of titanium dwindled as I built yet more storage for the advanced modules I managed to find but still can't equip. Thirst was suddenly an issue again as I was no longer tripping over disinfected water faster than I could drink it. I sat down in my chair (my one creature comfort until I can build a room for a bed) and browsed the blueprints I found, and it dawned on me how much further I have to go. It took me a good 10 hours to find a single diamond, now I have to find two more plus some ruby to make the PRAWN suit? I have the blueprints for the escape rocket now, but I still have that great big alien laser keeping me from escaping anytime soon.

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My hunger and thirst meters were pretty low. I could continue to eat the rations and disinfected water I brought back with me (not that many), or I could head out there and hunt for fish while keeping a watchful eye out for stalkers. I may have the tools to better explore and escape the planet, but I still have a lot of hungry days ahead of me before that will happen. As the waters outside my base faded from blue to inky black, I saved and exited to the desktop.

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