(light) Log #4

Subnautica 10 - (light) Log #4

I dreamt of home last night, and my family. I cant say it was as terrible as you'd expect it to be when I awoke. This is still a beautiful planet. Another message from the sunbeam did much to improve my moral as well. They are near.. they say they are just looking for a spot to pick me up now. I'm beyond elated.

Now, its time to get some answers. I've crafted a laser cutter and set out to the Aurora to get clarity on what has happened. After filling up on some peepers, I'll set out to the ship to discover what lead to the crash. When I return, I'll give my full report….


The Aurora was completely devastated and infested with creatures that were quite aggressive and resembled a cross between a large crab and a 4 legged spider. I didnt take the time to scan any as I would have been quickly swarmed. I fortunately was able to find a way into the ship by clearing some debris and putting down some fires.

Once I entered the Aurora, I made my way to the heart of the ship. Great fortunes shown on me today. I discovered the blueprints for a prawn suit, which I imagine would have been extremely useful if I was stuck here indefinitely. I also hit the jackpot when I stumbled on the ships mess hall. A cache of clean water and food stuffs. Most importantly I've found a bed and uploaded it into my AIs fabrication system. I will sleep comfortably waiting for the sunbeam, finally.

As I went deeper into the ship, I was attacked by a leech like creature and had to bash it with my laser cutter as I could not reach my knife quick enough. Soon after I found a seamoth bay, and the ships damaged reactor. I repaired the reactor in case someone from altera had the brilliant idea of returning for the salvage. Hopefully this makes their endeavor that much safer.


Funny story. I came across a PDA that was quite racy. I won't go into detail, but it gained me access to a locked cabin where I found another bed and a PDA discussing the topic of relationships. I found some toys, though not the kind you would think given the content of the PDA.

I did also discover some black box data which I will have to go over on the trip home. Decides it was best to wait to fully digest the info on what had happened. I as well found more notes on the degrasi and our secret mission to investigate their whereabouts.

It was dark by the time I left, and passed a wreckage of no consequence on the way back to the habitat. After a warm meal I decide to sleep…ironically too tired to craft the bed. I'll leave that until tomorrow.

At the mornings light, I recieved another distress call. This time lifepod 7. I have yet to investigate pod 12, but decided to take my chances on pod 7. I however didnt have the exact location and had to explore for the wrecked pod. Luckily, it didnt take long to find, though I didnt stick around because in the area, there were much larger predators. Large shark like creatures with hard exoskeletons. I did not want a formal introduction.

I just recently got back to my habitat and gleefully recorded this entry. The sunbeam! It is on its final orbit and should be here in two days time. I am beside myself and lost for words. I think I will take the next couple of days constricting that bed and taking some well deserved R&R. I will give you my final planetside report before I set out to meet the sunbeam. For now, seeing my family is faintly a dream anymore… soon I will be home with my loved ones… logging off.


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