Log #5

Subnautica 8 - Log #5

I'm preparing to set out to meet the sunbeam. This is it! I'm finally going home! I first need to collect some more supplies, some water and food to make the trip.

I took some time to read through some of the PDAs I discovered. It seems that all along senior officials on the Aurora knew we were going to be investigating the planet for the Degrasi. I cant believe they didnt let us know. I may have reconsidered the trip. I also found some more information on Alterra and the companies history. Nothing I didnt generally know.

The sun is breaking the horizon. I think I'm ready to leave this place. Final planet side log complete. See you when I return to earth. Logging out.


Its over….. I'm going to die here. I won't ever leave this place. I'm already in my grave. I do not fully understand what just happened or how to describe what I've witnessed.

The sunbeam is gone. Smited from the sky on its decent by a massive weapon larger than a 4 story building. I-I just dont understand…. before the sunbeam was shot down I was able to enter the structure housing the weapon and did some exploring using a purple tablet as a key.

My AI did it's best to decipher the alien data points. It seems as though some advance race has quarantined this planet due to some unknown bacteria. This sheds light on what happened to both the Aurora and the degrasi before it….


The worste part of it all…I had the chance to stop all of this and also save the sunbeam. I reached the control room of the facility but, due to my own infestation, was denied access to the controls of the weapon. I could have saved them… I could have been going home. The weight is unbearable…

Other findings were an energy cube of potent energy potential and some type of archway. The AI believes it's some kind of gateway. To what, I do not know and could not find a way to power it….does it matter anyway. I doubt it would take me to where I want to go: Home.

I'm not sure if I will continue these logs. I'm not sure what the point of them would be….no one is leaving this place. There are terrors here I do not know. Weapons I found inside the facility were weapons that could eradicate all life within an entire system. Thousands of light years destroyed in one moment….

Logging off, possibly for the last time. God help me and anyone who comes to this deceptively beautiful hell. I'm not sure I'm not already dead and this is my own personal purgatory.


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