Mods, Tips, and Other Useful Stuff

Subnautica 8 - Mods, Tips, and Other Useful Stuff

With all the new players, I thought a nice guide might help out. Let me know if anything is wrong.

Useful Mods
* First install QModManager and SMLHelper v2 *

Easy Craft
Automatically pulls from your surrounding lockers (up to 100 meter distance away) to automatically craft what you need. For example, if you're crafting something that requires a computer chip, it will automatically craft the required materials for the computer chip, then it will continue crafting the originally intended item.

Displays an entire map of every zone in the game, all within your PDA (under the beacon tab, with a toggle switch!), and starts auto marking places you've visited like wrecks. Shows your current location and direction at all times. Makes navigation 500% easier, especially to newer players that can't navigate based on how many sand sharks attacked the left side hull in the last 5 minutes.

Quick Miner
The PRAWN suit always felt like it mined way too slow for me. This makes mining 4x faster. In places where you're constantly getting attacked (especially by warpers) this is a godsend for quick and efficient mining.

PRAWN Suit Arm Switcher
I never knew I needed this until I tried it. As long as you're carrying PRAWN arm attachments like the drill and grappling hook in your inventory, this allows you to switch between them by pressing the 1 & 2 keys respectively. This allows you to keep two grappling hooks out, immediately switch to two drill arms, and then back to two grappling hooks for extremely quick and efficient mining (and traveling!).

Seaglide Map Controls
By default, the Seaglide has a toggle for the four states of maps and lights, and you have to cycle between all four to get the one setting you want. This mod changes that so that right click turns the light on and off, and the F key turns the map on and off. This is especially helpful when you need to quickly kill your lights to hide from prey.

White Lights
Turn your vehicle lights (including the Seaglide) to a much more soft ivory white color, much like the flashlight. Quality of life change that I couldn't live without now.

Better Power Info
Find out exactly how much power your base is producing, and how much is being drawn from things like the scanner room, spotlights, etc. This is a must have, and helps prevent your base from going dark and the oxygen disappearing on you.

Extra Options
Adds a few more options to the menu screen, all related to visuals. The most helpful options are the texture switch and murkiness (fog) slider. Keep in mind that murkiness is used to help hide the pop-in issue that the game has, so turning it all the way down will give you much better sight, but at the cost of making those pop-ins much more noticeable.

Cheat Manager
"But I don't cheat!" Essentially a GUI for most of the console commands, this is useful for either just playing around and having fun, or if you get stuck somewhere due to a game breaking glitch. It's always nice to have at least as a backup.

Moonpool Vehicle Repair
Good to have, especially in the beginning of the game when you're running all over the place in your Seamoth. Self-explanatory.

Slot Extender
For the Seamoth and PRAWN Suit, this gives a bunch of extra slots. Now you don't have to sacrifice storage space for upgrades. I debated using this, since I consider it a slightly unfair advantage, but decided to go with it and don't think it's too much of a deviation from the normal gameplay.

Autosort Lockers
I've used it. Amazing mod that basically links all Autosort Lockers to one single depository locker. Throw all items in your backpack into the Autosort locker and everything is placed in the appropriate containers. I stopped using this mod, however, for two reasons. First, the Easy Craft mod basically renders this obsolete, and second, it may just be me, but I noticed major lag after crafting a ton of the Autosort Lockers anywhere, in a base, or in my Cyclops. You may have different results, but be wary of placing a ton of these only to find out you need to create all new lockers to transfer your stuff to before uninstalling the mod.

Tips & Tricks For Surviving On Planet 4546B

Getting Started (Skip for advanced players)

  • Immediately pick up some Titanium (Metal Salvage parts floating around) and craft an oxygen tank. Next, grab some Creepvine Seed Clusters and craft some fins. Your first tool should be the Repair Tool, which you're going to need one single pickup of Cave Sulfur from the cave system where you start out in. Beware the Crashfish, it'll pop out, scream, chase you, and blow up. Swim away from it, take some damage, swim back, and grab the sulfur. Once you craft the Scanner, immediately start looking for small crates that are open on one side, and scan two fragments of the Seaglide. From there, you should start getting the hang of it. Craft whatever else you can at that point.

  • Storage is going to run out really quickly. There are craftable water lockers. Avoid. Extremely limited capacity. You don't start off with a Multipurpose Room, (which can be found on the floating island and Degasi seabase) but you do start out with the X Compartment. Craft one of those as soon as you get the Habitat Builder. Craft a hatch, and throw 6 Lockers and 3 Wall Lockers. You'll even have space left over for a fabricator, trashcan, and radio. Build close to the surface of the water, and add 1, or 6 Solar Panels, depending on how much power you want. Just keep in mind, power production is halted at night time, so fabricate accordingly.

  • Unlike other games where you slowly take damage after your oxygen runs out, you DIE IMMEDIATELY at 0 oxygen.

  • Build your base above the water and (surprise), no power is needed for oxygen. Useful if you don't have enough materials for a solar panel.

  • Always keep at least one fully charged backup battery in your backpack. Especially for the Seaglide. If you forget and you get stranded, remove a battery from one of your other tools and load it into the one you need the most.

  • Always, ALWAYS save your game often, especially if you're about to explore a cave. Some caves are easy enough to navigate with multiple exits, others are specifically designed to disorient you and leave you lost, and it WILL happen eventually.

  • Grab a Bladderfish and a new blueprint for the Air Bladder will become available. Pop that to ascend to the surface quickly to replenish your oxygen. Keep in mind it takes a few seconds of available oxygen to deploy, so if you wait to the last second, those extra seconds to steals might be enough to kill you. Crafting the Seaglide basically renders this useless, unless you run completely out of battery juice for your Seaglide.


  • Try to ignore creature decoys. They don't work that well and the ones I've deployed stay where I deploy them for the rest of the game, without the ability to remove them. (Without deleting the cache and resetting floating items)

  • Every leviathan makes a very distinctive roar when it spots you. Once you hear it, instantly go to plan B, which, depending on the situation, is either killing the engines and waiting it out, turning on the shield generator and hauling ass, waiting for it to get close and shocking it, or growing a pair of brass balls and attempting to outmaneuver it with your Seaglide. Avoid attacking leviathans, they sometimes glitch when they run away and end up in places like the safe shallows, ironically.

  • Soft-pushing your Seamoth (gently tapping the direction keys) to keep the noise level down doesn't seem to make any difference. Was eaten for lunch trying that out multiple times.

  • All leviathans have spawn and patrol routes. Stay away from those, and you stay away from them. They never deviate in their path, unless glitched out somehow. (Rare, but has happened to other people)

  • Yes, you can rodeo any leviathan with the PRAWN suit, grappling hooks, and a large set of balls. Generally, they'll spaz out eventually and get a good bite on you, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fantastic fun.

  • Reapers are the most agile of the three classes, and extremely difficult to outmaneuver. Ghosts are the middle ground with agility, but is generally do-able with practice. Sea Dragons are slow to turn, but have a deceiving fast forward swim rate.

  • It's been up for debate for ages, but I've found that there doesn't seem to be a correlation between lights and attacks. If it makes you feel better, kill the lights. (I've been attacked sitting perfectly still with the lights off in all three vehicles, with the exception of the Cyclops if the engine is completely turned off.

  • As seen in a video circulating this sub-reddit, popping an Air Bladder and ascending quickly to avoid a Reaper will usually result in the Reaper doing a majestic jump out of the water to chomp on your delicious bum. Can confirm, am bumless after testing it.

  • The giant ghost leviathans outside the crater edge might swim away if you turn off your engines and stay still, but they WILL come back around, and fairly quickly. Usually not enough time to go outside to make repairs, or to kick the engine back on to make a run for it. If you really want to see them up close, save the game, run out there in whatever you're in, and expect to die.

  • The Stasis Rifle can be used on any Leviathan to freeze it in place. Requires patience and waiting for the Leviathan to charge you before firing it. Once the Leviathan is frozen in place, you can either swim away to safety, you poke it a few times with the knife before it unfreezes and swallows you like a delicious skittle.

  • Leviathans have been known to swim through objects and walls, especially the Sea Dragon.

  • BONUS TIP: It is possible to view the 3 giant ghost leviathans off the crater edge in safety. No cheats needed. Build a 3 story multipurpose room base on any crater edge. Reinforce all walls. Add power source. Build glass tube all the way out as far as you can go. At some point, they'll come swimming around. They know you're there, unlike the other leviathans in the same situation. They'll follow you everywhere you go in the glass tube, but won't attack the tube itself. Also, if you run backwards towards the crater edge, you can usually watch all three of them chase after you. It's pretty cute.

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  • Most materials take up one slot. A few take up a 4 slots per item, like Blood Oil. Make sure you fabricate those ASAP to save space.

  • All items, no matter how rare they seem, have huge caches spread across the map. If you can't find enough of one, spread out and look inside all caves and craters, especially around the edges of the map, or underground in the Lost River

  • When your PRAWN suit is full, move the materials from it to your backpack, and keep drilling on. Saves trips.

  • Certain resources are only underground in the dangerous places like the Lost River and Inactive Lava Zone, including Nickel Ore, Crystalline Sulfur, and Kyanite.

  • Stalker Teeth are notoriously hard to find. Best tactic is to grab a ton of Metal Salvage parts and drop them in a pile next to several Stalkers. Listen for the sound of teeth breaking, and look for the tooth floating to the bottom of the sea floor. Grab, rinse, and repeat. Alternatively, you can wait to craft a scanner room close to the Kelp Forest and have it scan for the teeth.


  • The Survival Knife can be upgraded to the Thermoblade, which increases the damage, as well as instantly cooks fish when hit with it.

  • The Scanner can perform a "self scan", which is only story related, and doesn't serve any purpose other than furthering the story. You don't need to self scan 24/7 to make sure the sea AIDS isn't killing you.

  • The Propulsion Cannon is great for grabbing and moving large objects, including lifting (very slowly) large, drillable nodes. The modified Repulsion Cannon is great for pushing aggressive fauna a few football fields away from you. Does not work on Leviathans, only makes them angry.

  • The Repair Tool is to your vehicles what first aid kits are to you. Always keep one charged and on you. Always.

  • The Flashlight is useful in the early game, but as soon as you acquire the Seaglide it becomes pretty useless, especially since you can use the flashlight on the Seaglide even when you're indoors.

  • The Pathfinder Tool is a godsend for exploring complex cave systems. You don't always need to carry it on you, but if you're exploring caves, especially outside of the Safe Shallows, then take it with you. Has 20 charges, keep that in mind, and don't accidentally hit the "clear all markers" button before using it to get back out.

  • The Flares can apparently distract aggressive fauna, but I've never once used them. Not really needed.


  • Your Seamoth is not as tough as you might think. Smack a few rogue fish and you can easily lose 15% – 40% of your Seamoth's health. Keep a sharp eye on your health percentage, especially after running into things.

  • Unless lucky, you usually can NOT outrun leviathans in your Seamoth. Many daredevil attempts were made to confirm this.

  • Don't worry about upgrades early on in the game. The most important add-on for the Seamoth are 4 Storage Modules to get maximum materials and resources back to your base. Usually, by the time you're going deep underground you've already constructed the Cyclops and PRAWN suit. Although you probably will need at least a Depth Module MK1 to reach places like the Degasi Seabases, especially early on in the Jellyshroom Cave. (Although, it IS possible to make it down there, stick to the roof of the cave, drive under 200 meters for a few seconds, get out and repair, rinse and repeat to get to the seabase)

  • Unless surrounded by fauna that's triggered by lights, like the Boneshark, leave your lights running when you hop out to gather resources or explore wrecks. Your Seamoth has a beacon like all vehicles do, but unfortunately when you're too close to it, the beacon will disappear. The lights help locate it when coming back to it.

  • Always store a spare power cell in one of the storage modules. Nothing like running out of juice 1200 meters away from your base, and 500 meters down.

  • If you have the Perimeter Defense System, you can shock the Reaper Leviathan as soon as it grabs you, and it will let you go. Makes the Reapers a lot less threatening.


  • Double the drills, double the speed. You mine twice as fast with two drills.

  • Two grappling hooks will literally allow you to Spider-Man your way across any terrain. Also, you can climb out of any deep cave with this method. Launch left hook, pull to side of rock, launch right hook to another spot, release left hook. Rinse and repeat.

  • Grappling the floor ahead of you, pulling yourself forward, and jumping at the last second will send you flying faster than any other vehicle for a short time. You can clear a couple of football fields at a time doing this. Takes practice, but worth it.

  • Your default pinchers aren't just for picking up loose materials. Use them to punch away aggressive fauna. Surprisingly effective.

  • Remove the left battery (if looking at the PRAWN suit from behind) to disable the lights. PRAWN suit will stay operational.


  • You can craft all sorts of stuff on your Cyclops, but you should prioritize building all the lockers you can. The bottom of the Cyclops, as well as the engine room can be double stacked with wall lockers. The docking bay area and front of the ship is prime real estate for normal, full sized lockers.

  • You can, and should, craft a bed in your Cyclops. Helps immensely with getting night time over and done with quickly. I usually craft mine right in front of the creature decoy tube. You can still craft lockers on each side, and still have room to run into both sides of the engine room.

  • Your Cyclops will self-repair from minor damage, such as bumping into fauna. Keep an eye on your ship's health after hitting a few things, you'll see it go down a small amount, and slowly go back up. (This is NOT true for leviathan attacks. Each attack opens up a hole in your hull that you must, at some point, go outside and repair manually)

  • Speaking of running into fauna, do it, and do it often. Most fauna dies with one direct hit from a Cyclops running at full (normal) speed.

  • If you hear or spot a leviathan, you can kill your engines, and use the cameras to get a full 360 degree look around your sub to make sure they're not sneaking nearby when you turn your engines back on to make your escape.

  • The Cyclops has a weird glitch that sometimes either sends it flying far away with you in it, or tilts it way up or down. Basically the physics engine can go full retard and end up causing major problems for you. I've noticed the biggest cause is trying to open or close the inside hatches / bulkheads while getting stuck in, or around them. Also, sometimes jetpacking your PRAWN at full speed into the docking bay can trigger this. Use caution in these situations.

  • If you have the Cyclops Shield Generator and activate it, you're basically invincible to all leviathans for the duration. Keep in mind that while it is active, your batteries drain insanely fast. If a leviathan is coming at you (and has turned red on the radar), turn the shields on, throw the engine into full speed, drive out of the area (you usually have 15 – 20 seconds at full speed before a fire starts), then turn the shield off, along with the engines. Make any repairs if necessary, then start back up and continue on.

  • Rig for silent running is another option, but it's not always a for-sure way of avoiding leviathans. It also drains your battery fairly quickly. If it's on, you can always tell because all of the lights in the Cyclops turn red. Remember to turn it off after getting by a Leviathan or other aggressive fauna.

  • Remember to craft both a trash can, fabricator, and radio in your Cyclops. I usually stick the fabricator right in front of the bottom hatch, trash can can fit all the way in the back of the engine room, in the little spot across the from the stairs.

  • Just like the Seamoth, you can paint your Cyclops any color you'd like. I recommend a light color, as it makes it easier to see in dark areas. I had a noticeably harder time finding mine when it was black.

  • You can absolutely run the Cyclops on 1 out of 6 power cells, just not for very long.

  • You can definitely take your Cyclops all the way down to the Inactive Lava Zone, just be aware that it's patrolled by two giant Sea Dragon Leviathans that will absolutely tear your Cyclops up. Be extremely careful. Also, it's apparently possible to get your Cyclops all the way down to the Lava Lakes, but I've never figured it out. I just take the PRAWN suit down through the small opening in the crater in the Inactive Lava Zone.

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The Aurora
At some point, you're going to need to go on the Aurora to fix the radiation, learn more about the story, and pickup some sweet loot.

  • Although there are jump tricks and other assorted methods of getting inside without the proper gear, I recommend crafting a Propulsion Cannon, several fire extinguishers, and a few first aid kits before heading into it. There are fire extinguishers and first aid kits onboard, but there's no guarantee how much you'll actually need once inside. Also, you will absolutely need a Repair Tool to repair the reactor. Also, bring a Laser Cutter.

  • Enter through the left side (if looking at it from your initial lifepod from the start of the game). Head towards the middle of it, hug the side, go to the rear entrance. There is a Reaper (affectionately known as "Sammy"), if you see him, you probably went too far to the rear.

  • Those four legged arseholes are all over the rear of the ship. You can try to run past them, or kill each on with your knife.

  • The entire PRAWN suit is available to be scanned and learned inside the Aurora.

  • Those small little Bleeders are everywhere inside. You can wait for them to attach and then knife them, or chase them preemptively and slice them up. Stay still in the water and watch for small movements.

  • Your primary objective is to repair the reactor and obtain the Neptune Escape Rocket. All others are secondary and optional.

  • There are several doors that require codes. Several are acquired on PDAs found throughout the Aurora. One is acquired from a radio broadcast. If you are really stuck there is a list of all the required codes here. (SPOILERS)

  • You can run through fire at full health, but it takes about half of your health down most of the time.


  • Hull integrity above all else! Things like Foundations and Bulkheads can help, but are generally not required if you build your base right. Adding Reinforcements are the single best thing you can add to your base to strengthen it.

  • The Spotlight takes a ton of energy to maintain, generally not worth it unless you've got a ton of power production. There's arguments as to whether or not it scares aggressive fauna away, but I haven't noticed a difference using them. Makes your base pretty, that's about it.

  • Solar Panels can be used fairly deep underwater. I've gotten power at past 100 meters down depending on the biome.

  • Don't get carried away adding Glass everywhere in your base.

  • You can stack multiple Multipurpose Rooms on top of each other and link them with Ladders.

  • The Alien Containment is a lot of fun with hatching various eggs and watching the creatures grow. Be aware though, even though all fauna contained in the glass are passive to you, once carried outside your base, they usually attack you, your vehicles, or base. Sometimes by design, others by glitches. If you're going to release some of the more nefarious types like the Crabsquid, take them all the way to their natural habitat, or at least to the crater edge. This is also the only way to acquire a living Cuddlefish, which you should do as soon as possible, because it's a Cuddlefish. It's the only thing more mesmerizing than a Mesmer.

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • The soundtrack seems to kick on and play randomly. Amazing, atmospheric music, but seems to have no correlation to events in the game, so don't get scared thinking something is about to eat you.

  • Glitches happen, a lot. Usually with stuff falling through the sea floor, or the physics engine sending things flying away at the speed of light. Save often.

  • As far as I can tell, you can't kill Warpers. Ever. They exist solely to make your life a living hell. Fear those more than the Reapers.

  • It is your primary directive to always swim closer to the Mesmers.

I'm sure a missed stuff. I'm just getting over a long Christmas day and I'm half drunk on Egg Nog. Let me know what I missed. Enjoy!

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