Nearly died two times in the lost river

Subnautica 1 - Nearly died two times in the lost river

I played since EA but never made it far in the story because I often started a new game. It's just so much fun to feel the progress at the beginning.

Anyway, yesterday I needed nickel for the first time and I knew I can find some in the lost river. I have also to mention that I didn't know, that I can dock my Prawn into the Cyclops, so I just had my quite fresh submarine without much items or upgrades in it. I entered through the area behind the mushroom forest. I was astonished how beautiful and huge the lost river is, I had no idea that it has several own bioms! While explorig I got attacked a few times, so I tried the silend mode on the Cyclops, which was my biggest mistake. After swimming around the big old tree structure, I barely had any oxygen left. As I got back in my cyclops, I was wondering about the dimmed red light in it. Got it attacked and has a fracture in the hull or something? No. "Emergincy power only, oxygen production offline" – fu*k! I sprinted to my lockers to find one last 100% power cell and was able to change it with my last breath. So I had like 16% overall power and because I'm also quite new to the cyclops, I really couldn't estimate, If i can reach the surface with so less power left. The next problem was, that I really had no idea if it was quicker to travel back, or to continue my exploration tour through the river. I decided to continue but in slow mode and without any light inside and outside to safe as much energy as possible. In my overall panic, I mistook some cave bulges as my way out, constantly looking at the energy left. Clumsy me nearly got stuck in a corner. While trying to maneuver out, suddenly comes a loud screech. "Warning, creature attack". The damn ghost leviathan was able to damage my boat three times, several holes and some fires were the result. "Fu*k the slow modus, I have to get out of here!" Speed modus on and I was able to flee. I repared the damage in constant fear and managed to get from the small tunnel into a huge cave. Or wasn't it a cave? No, I was free, finally I was free!!! I drove back to my main base, totally happy to be alive and with a lot of gel sacks, diamonds, rubys etc. in my inventory, just to notice that I need three nickel to build so rocket boosters. I had only two.

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Damn you, lost river, I'll be back!

TL;DR: Fist time in the lost river without being prepared for anything, barely made it out, just to see that I need 3 instead of 2 nickel, so I have to go back.

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