[No Spoiler] Mods I wish I had on the first playthrough

Subnautica 1 - [No Spoiler] Mods I wish I had on the first playthrough

This is a great game. I just completed my first play-through and I didn’t know there was such an extensive mod scene until I was in the last stage of the game. Looking back on things, there are several mods that I wish I had installed on the very first playthrough.

Most of my gripes revolve around the inventory system. I probably spent half my game time playing inventory tetris instead of exploring the world. The limited inventory space also had to be filled with a lot of food and water on survival mode. So this meant that I couldn’t explore as much as I wanted without constantly going back to dump the things I collected.

EasyCraft – This mod lets you craft something if it’s stored within 100 yards (vehicle storage not included). I can’t tell you how much of a time saver this is. You can get back to enjoying the game instead of playing inventory tetris. Diablo 2 fans need not install.

PDA Pause – You need to do a lot of reading of the PDA your first time through the game, but you’ll run out of oxygen or die while you do it, this pauses the game so you can actually take your time getting immersed in the lore.

Quit to Desktop – I can’t imagine why this isn’t in the base game. So much time has been saved by having this.

More Quick Slots– By default you only get 5 item slots and if you need a tool that isn’t there you have to go back to inventory tetris to get it. This eliminates that and gives you 12. Your fav tools are always a button away.

Subnautica Map – Total game changer. It reveals more of the map as you explore more so you can track where you have been and where you need to explore. This has increased my immersion 1000 fold. I can’t believe base game has no map. I missed so much stuff my first playthrough. (and entire biomes)

Customized Storage – The default inventory is a bit too small and this mod lets you change the store size of any container in the game. There are some important tools you’ll want to take with you at all times and they take up a huge amount of inventory space, not to mention if you’re playing survival you have to take SO MUCH FOOD AND WATER for even moderate journeys.

Resource Monitor – This is such a great mod. Not only does it let you see all of the materials that you have in storage in a sweet interface, but you can pick up those items by clicking on the display so you don’t have to go from locker to locker. This is so great.


Subnautica Death Marker – Just like dark souls, tells you where you died. This is important because some items are dropped on death.

Better Bio Reactor– Tells you exactly how much energy everything is worth.

Docked Vehicle Storage Access – It’s super annoying to have to undock your vehicles to access storage. This fixes that! It also lets you change vehicle mods!

Cyclops Near Field Sonar – I can’t even tell you how much this is useful for navigating tight spaces.

Cyclops Strafe – Also helpful for those tight spaces

Better Scanner Blips – Scales the scanner icons so you actually know how far away things are. I can never go back.

White Lights – Default vehicle lights are annoyingly green. This makes them like the flashlight!

More Cyclopes Upgrades – I mostly just have this for the speed upgrade. Default speed is annoyingly slow.

Upgraded Vehicles – There are so many things I like about this mod, but the best one is that as you craft more depth modules, your vehicle speed increases progressively more. The prawn is frustratingly slow be default, the seamoth seems uber slow mid to late game. This fixes that.

Slot Extender – Gives you more mod slots in your vehicles. Also allows you to access inventory and mods while in the Prawn, or Mods while in the seamoth.

Running with Tools– I use the flashlight a lot but in the base game you can’t run with it, now you can!

Quick Miner – Default Prawn mining is UBER SLOW. This speeds it up and makes it less of a chore.

QMods, Modding Helper, CustomCraft2 – required by many mods.

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