[No Spoilers] Log #1

Subnautica 3 - [No Spoilers] Log #1

After crash landing on this water world, the Aurora in complete disrepair, I collected my supplies and set out to find a way to bring back life support to my lifepod. Fortunately, some minor injuries and a hell of a hit to the head have done little to prevent that.

After finding the necessary components to construct a repair tool, which took running from an extremely loud and volatile fish that seemed so hell bent on killing me it somehow exploded itself, I've restored power to my life pod and radio. Immediately I sent out a distress beacon, but the on board AI seems less than optimistic about a rescue party. I set out to find food and water.

Some lifeforms here seem plentiful in nutrients and I've discovered somehow bleach will not only NOT kill me, but it's quite refreshing. The wonders of fabrication. The taste of the locals isnt something I think I will get used to, but not sure it's any worse than the emergency rations.

I've recieved a distress beacon from lifepod 3. I'm concerned out the trip, but my trusty PDA says its ONLY 500 meters away. I believe I can make it. I gather up my fabricated knife, for what little protection I can afford and set off.

The pod seemed to suffer from some type of attack or accident. I find fragments of a sea glide. This will surely help me in the future. As I start to tread back to the lifepod, picking up some salt for more delicious bleach, I'm attacked by some long shouted predator. Luckily after dodging his attack, a swift knife cut sent him swimming off. Getting back to the ship, in the dark was mad no more comforting even with the flares…


The next morning, I recieve another distress call, as well as a transmission picked up from a merchant ship, Sunbeam. I cant believe my ears and cant believe someone else is out there. I cant respond, and they seem skeptical of the distress beacon because of that fact…I just hope they realize we are here and we need help.

After recieving the message, I can only wait, but not here, in this pod. I set out for materials to construct a small base while I wait for rescue. Nothing lavish, just three tubes, some storage, and a trash can I found while out of the pod. It's not much but its home for now.

I wonder how this ship, the Sunbeam will retrieve me…and I realize, there is no land near. My only solution and hope is they can find solid ground to land. I can not make such a swim. It must be miles if not more to the nearest land. I think, I must find transportation, and this seaglide can only take me so far. Fortunately for me, I discovered how to construct a seamoth while in search of supplies. After spending the day collecting the neccessary parts for a vehicle fabricator and the vehicle, I construct myself the small vessel.

Now I wait…soon to be on my way back home. I sit down on my chair, look out the bulbous window and take in the view. For now, logging out. Can not wait to see you all soon.

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