[No Spoilers] Log #2

Subnautica 6 - [No Spoilers] Log #2

Today was eventful. The Aurora seemed to have a catastrophic failure and went up in a huge fire ball. Things seemed bleak, especially after another lifepod, number 17, sent out a distress call. It's already been 3 days, though it's only felt like 3 hours and 47 minutes.

After eating more of these bugged eyed fish that my AI calls Peepers, and filling up on filtered water from bleach (still can not understand how that works, but better than sucking the fluids of a fish called bladder), I set out to assist life boat 17. Again to no a avail.

I fear I somehow am here alone, or at least not with the company I want. Something destroyed their seamoth. What could manage that, I do not want to see in person for I fear I'll suffer a similar fate. I only have this one life to live, it's a hardcore life.

Fortunately some good news though. Sunbeam has realized the extent of our plight. I can not stand waiting another moment here, and yet I must for at least another few days…. I do not want to venture too far from the shallows but must seek more supplies.

I figure there must be parts of the Aurora out there that are still intact so I set out to find wreckage. A small gem, a vending machine fabricator. These years of staying in optimal physical condition…and all I want to do is construct this thing and feast on junk.


The most peculiar thing though. I came across a large section of a ship that I believed to be a part of the Auroras front section may not be what I thought it was. I discovered parts of a Prawn suit, which seems nothing of consequence and a data terminal full of jumbled text. Both easily part of Auroras wreckage, but there was something else…..a PDA from a crew called Degressi.

This is not my ship. Who are these people? We recieved no other transmissions before our own untimely event. How could another ship be out here and we not know about it? I havent unlocked the PDAs simple security yet, more investigation needs to be done. When the sunbeam arrives, maybe we can save the lives of not just our crew, but anothers.

For now though, I am tired and must sleep. All I have is this stiff chair…why Altera, is a bed not a part of your survival package. Truly is a little comfort too much to ask? Lord knows salvaging anything of the Aurora is a class A offense.


Well, I always knew we were expendable. At least the money hungry merchants have the humanity to rescue us. Merchants, of all spacenaughts…. logging off, just a few more days…

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