[NO SPOILERS] My life got flipped turned upside down!

Subnautica 5 - [NO SPOILERS] My life got flipped turned upside down!

Okay… not upside down, but I encountered a bad glitch while playing on console that completely screwed up my character's X Y axis. I'm not sure if any of you playing on console have noticed, but when you're traveling into a different area (particularly in a vehicle) the map hesitates to load and sometimes framerate drops. Well, here I am having over 3 days into my game and preparing for what I truly hope is my final endgame voyage. I'm trawling along in my Seamoth to find the somewhat elusive nickel ore when I enter an area where the map is taking a while to load.

Suddenly, my Seamoth is stuck inside some ship wreckage and I can't get out. I tried jiggling it hoping it would somehow find a way to slip through the mesh renderer and let me continue my journey. No such luck. I tried to get out multiple times with a constant SpawnNearby failed message flashing in the corner of my screen. Finally, I managed to get out. I noticed my character felt a little weird moving around but I didn't pay it any mind. I managed to get back to the Seamoth and attempted to physically push it into a spot where it could move. Unfortunately, it was stuck in one of those areas where the round armor of the hull is connected to the frame of the piece of the Aurora. I couldn't get it out. I managed to get back in and tried again. Still no luck.

Then, I made my first major mistake. I saved the game. Mind you, it had been a few hours since I saved and I DAMN sure wasn't about to lose that progress. I figured that somehow I could get it our during the reload, or perhaps the Seamoth would find a spot to respawn in outside the ship fragment. Guess what? No luck there either.


Finally giving up, I manage to leave the Seamoth and collect my upgrades. As I exit the hull, I notice that I felt disoriented, but soon realized it wasn't me… it was my character.

My character's X Y axis had altered itself to where the entire world was sideways. With my experience with the glitches in this game, and with the unity engine itself, I thought I might be able to fix it by doing something that required a set X Y axis. I lopsidedly swam back to base and entered both the escape pod and my base itself. No luck. I tried sleeping. No luck. I even went as far as to empty my inventory into my lockers and go drown myself. NOT EVEN DEATH COULD CURE THIS.

Finally, I thought that perhaps if a vehicle got me into this mess, a vehicle could get me out of it. After boarding the Cyclops and struggling to reach the wheel, I finally got my x y axis back.

Now, I have to build myself yet another freaking Seamoth and look at the icon of my poor Genrunner which I'll never be able to pilot again.

My question is do the devs even pay attention to the feedback coming their way anymore or are they just focused on Below Zero now?

While the map lag has been useful to get myself out of tight situations, I'm really starting to get frustrated with the lack of updates and bug fixes for this game.

Tl;dr My Seamoth got stuck in debris that failed to load on time and caused my character to remain sideways until I was able to get in the cyclops and pilot it.

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