[No Spoilers] PRAWN is crap, change my mind?

Subnautica 8 - [No Spoilers] PRAWN is crap, change my mind?

This thing is just bad.

  1. Poor Maneuverability – For one, it's not fun to control. Instead of feeling like a powerhouse in an awesome mech suit that can do crazy stunts and maneuvers instead it feels like I'm wearing 300 lbs of kevlar armor and jumping around on the moon. Walking on the sea floor is slow and atrocious all you hear is ear shattering clanks. Every time your prawn bumps into anything you come to a full stop and have to take a second before you can move again, then take another second of "revving up the engines" before you can get your full speed back, and this happens after landing from a jump of ANY height as well. The grappling hook and the jets are supposed to make this thing feel more fluid and mobile, except the jets barely have any power at all (even with the upgrade) and the grappling hook is a short floppy noodle that barely wants to do the right thing or even connect to a surface at all (it also seems to have a big CD so you can't just throw it back out if you miss). You can barely climb up hills, barely walk across the ocean, barely float through the water with any good pace, and it's aggravating as hell to even get into your moonpool and cyclops. I mean for fucks sake, it's too slow to avoid warper teleports unless you are lucky which is so annoying considering they seem to want to spawn near drillable ores.*
  2. Clipping – Your Grappling hook clips through objects, the prawn clips through the floor, you die, and lose your shit, it's not a good time.
  3. No way to turn off lights without removing a power cell
  4. Limited View – You can only look up about 45 degrees upwards and you can barely look down at all. Your peripheral vision is considerably worse too.
  5. Uses more power cell charge than a seamoth and a cyclops
  6. Edit: One more I thought of, no way to change arms inside the prawn. Have to get out, open the upgrades, swap arms, get back in. Would be a nice little QoL to have some sort of "scroll wheel" mechanic which would change arms on the fly.
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*The only time you feel good moving in a prawn suit is with a jet upgrade and TWO grappling arms, which removes the only thing the prawn is good for (the drill arm), and flying across the safe shallows. Sadly it's shit everywhere else, especially in the biomes that you would WANT the prawn for (lost river, getting stuck on all the stupid hills and waterfalls etc. lava zone which damages your suit and has almost nothing to grapple onto etc. warpers all over)


Basically my biggest problem is the maneuverability. It just feels so sluggish and awful. Compared to how your character moves in the water, with how the seaglide feels, and with how fluid and amazing the sea moth is. Hell even the big ass cyclops feels easier to control. PRAWN is absolutely crap to pilot in the few areas you NEED it, and is lackluster everywhere else unless you gimp yourself and go full spider-man.

Why does everyone praise this thing? "B-but you can go fight reapers in it!" *snore*

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