[No Spoilers] Used Subnautica to help get over an intense phobia of deep water (weird, I know)

Subnautica 3 - [No Spoilers] Used Subnautica to help get over an intense phobia of deep water (weird, I know)

Hello r/subnautica peeps, I hope y'all are having a great day! I was talking to my friend about a trip recently that we took to the beach and he commented on how I was much more calm and comfortable in the water. I told him this game was helping me get over my fear of deep water, to which he told me I was crazy but hey it seemed to work (at least a little so far haha).

For some background, when I was around 8 or 9 (I'm 28 now), I went boogie boarding with some friends for my birthday. We went and got our wetsuits and stuff, felt pretty cool, and went I to the water. My friends are off actually being good at it while I decided to just get comfortable handling myself without any ground under me. It was going well but then the winds came. I was moving closer to the pier (with genuine fishermen included!) and tried to paddle away but I was panicky and did not have the best form. I got too close to a pillar on the pier eventually and as I saw a lifeguard jump into the water, I was sucked down by a riptide and dragged a good portion under water. Luckily the fishermen that were active brought in their lines but a few unattended poles were still down so a hook caught into my wetsuit, causing little burntnerd to panic more. The rest was a blur until I was halfway to the shore on a big ol surfboard that the lifeguard used. He asked if I was okay, checked my vitals and such, and deemed I was good to go. Since then, I have rarely gone into any big body of water or if I do get really nervous if my feet can't touch the ground. My sister (oddly enough was on swimteams as a child up until college and competed) taught me to swim so can do it moderately well.


Fast forward to when Subnautica came out of early access. As a gamer, I saw the premise and thought it would be a good way to start getting over my fears. As I started the game, I liked the view above the escape pod. Then I went down the bottom hatch and actually paused the game and went outside for a while because just the view under water freaked me out. It was night time in game, give me a break! After willing myself to try again, I found myself loving it to an unhealthy extent! I'm now playing Below Zero and still loving it.

I want to thank the creators of subnautica and all the people in this community/on steam who gave great advice and help and continue to do so. Oddly, these games filled with huge beasts trying to kill you (reaper roars still haunt my dreams) have helped me get past a 20 year phobia from a silly boarding incident. You all are awesome and I cherish y'all!

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