[No Spoilers] What do I do?

Subnautica 9 - [No Spoilers] What do I do?

I have a cyclops with the shield generator, fire suppresion system, depth module mark 2, energy efficiency module, and sonar. I also have the prawn suit with the grapple arm, drill arm, jump jet upgrade, a depth module mark 1 and a few other common modules. You see, I'm at the point where I wanna go the lost river and into the inactive lava zone. Problem is my seamoth doesn't go that deep, so I have to either use the cyclops or the prawn suit. Prawn suit is slow so it will get me eaten by a leviathan but cyclops is big and hard to maneuver.

So, I decided to go with my cyclops. After all, it's a giant, super vehicle with an impenetrable shield and is just in itself super cool? So I go to the entrance beside officer Yu's lifepod (500m) and go in. Everything is going surprisingly well! I noticed the ghost leviathan, so I rigged for silent running as well as went into ahead slow mode. I was what looked like less than 20 metres under it and it didn't care, so I went on. It was getting hard to see and I couldn't maneuver well so I hit a rock and kinda got stuck. This is where it all went wrong. Something hits my ship and the creature attack warning blasts. My cyclops is on fire, and im too panicked to active the fire suppresion system. I put up my shields, engage ahead flank mode, and try to get the f*ck out of there as fast as I can. However, the thing is im stuck underneath the f*cking leviathan. My energy levels are at 39% and I know I'm done for. As a last ditch effort, I get out of my cyclops and manage to freeze the leviathan with my stasis rifle, to no avail. Luckliy I saved before I made the journey so I just exit out of Subnautica and cry for a few minutes. I also know I'm probably never going back there unless there is a 100% way to avoid that leviathan c*nt. Yes I am traumatized.


Right now, I'm determined to go get my Thermoblade, my trusty ol' seamoth, my ultra high capacity O2 tank and my Stasis Rifle to go butcher that motherf*cker no matter how long it f*cking takes. I've done this to many crab squids and even a reaper so I'm more than willing to murder the f*cking leaviathan and his f*cking family this instant while sipping a cup of tea. However, I must've done something wrong, right? Is there a path I can take that will avoid the leviathan? Maybe I can get there and back with just the prawn suit? Heck, all I want is a little bit of Kyanite and maybe to check out the alien facility. I wonder if I can get there with just my seaglide and seamoth even.

Please give me any advice you can. Thank you.

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