PSA: A Creative way of dealing with those pesky scary boys!

Subnautica 3 - PSA: A Creative way of dealing with those pesky scary boys!

Hey everyone,

I have lurked this subreddit for a few years now, and I've always seen people discuss various ways of dealing with Leviathans, yet never really in my most used method. So hopefully this helps people who are unaware of this method.

Firstly this method does require some mid game equipment and some preparation. You will need a Stasis Rifle, a Propulsion cannon and I would recommend about 30-40 spare inventory spots. A Reinforced diving suit is also recommended but not really needed.

So the idea is to find a pack of Gasopods and set them off one at a time. Once they spawn their gas pods collect them with the Propulsion cannon (quickly aiming at the pods and a right mouse click then left mouse click will pull it in and then collect it). Do this until you have about roughly 2/3 of your inventory of them.

Now for the fun bit! Go find any pesky Leviathans which you could do without and swim out preferably at day time and let them start to charge you, give it a quick burst with the Stasis Rifle (a couple low powered shots at the leviathans face until you freeze it. Once that is done, charge up a full powered shot and hit it again for a full 30 second freeze.


Now the scary bastard is at your mercy, swim right up to it just close enough to touch their face (a little closer for Ghosts) then open your inventory and drop all of your gas pods you collected roughly in the same space in its face and then back up very quickly, this has to be done in the space of about 3 seconds or you are a goner! Once they pop they will start to damage the Leviathan as long as you dropped them in the right space and thank you very much Mr Gasopod because by the time the 30 second Stasis bubble is over, you will have one dead Leviathan.

This strategy works for all of the Leviathans in the game, Ghostie boys can provide a little bit of trouble sometimes as they blue outer skin can stop you from dropping them correctly, I normally drop them right under their mouths for the best results.

So go forth with your new bio-weapon of Leviathan destruction and enjoy, I love this version as it is by far the fastest method than either the knife or Prawn drill methods which can take 5-10 minutes plus. Hopefully this helps people who want to explore or for me collect all that amazing Metal Salvage behind the Aurora without having to worry about being blindsided by a Reaper.

Thank you all for reading! If you have any further questions or even improvements please reply below! Apologies for any grammar or structure as I am not the greatest writer.

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