Quick rant about the story

Subnautica 5 - Quick rant about the story

Okay so, as the title says i want say a few things about the new elements of the game that i really dont like.


First, the old characters/relations. The old characters, in my opinion, were waaay better than the characters we have now and they had so much personality in comparison to now for example Robin, old Robin was such an interesting character and seeing her relationship with her sister develop as we went on was so interesting like she lied to her to hide the existence of an alien that was inside her head, how their sister to sister relationship was compared to the work relationship of the two.

Now look at the new Robin, from the first few minutes of the game it seems like we don't know the character at all, it's a completely new (and kinda worse in every aspect) version of Robin, and Sam seems like she doesnt even exist anymore. Also i really dont understand why they changed the voice actors for them because the old ones i think fit them perfectly. I am so glad that they haven't and won't change Marguerit because right now she is perfect as far as her character goes. The new Al-An seems kinda lackluster and i also don't understand why when he first gets in her head it seems like they are multiple creatures.

Second, the story. The new story seems kinda too overcomplicated compared to the first one.


The old story was really interesting: a xenologist encountering an alien by pure chance who ends up inside her head and learns to co-exist with him by learning about how they live and what they do for fun for example while also developing a bond between the two. And the plot twist was amazing: not only was Robin working with Al-An but Jeff was as well but the difference between the two partnerships was that one was interested with the concept of an alien as a whole while the other was doing it with very selfish intent kinda mirroring how Alterra was acting.

Sometimes a simple story is just better than one that is overcomplicated simply for the sake of being complicated.

Third and lastly, the "diversity". Look, i normally dont bat an eye to things like this but in the new story it looks pretty obvious.

By "diversity" i mean: in the new story you are a black protagonist with a "supposedly" gay sister working at a company with a name with vietnamese origins. Also the pda voice now has an indian (at least it seems that way) accent because the pda is not from Alterra anymore even though it looks the exact same as the ones from Alterra.

Now as i said i dont look at these things normally but it's just how i see things.

Oh, and don't get me wrong, i loved the original Subautica to bits and i still replay that game with joy every time and i loved the old story from BZ too until they changed it recently.

I know that the game is still not finished and all those things are subject to change but i just needed like i felt the need to say this because i dont like the direction things are going and i really do care about this game and it's well being.

Rant over.

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