Review of the game, with suggestions for the devs

Subnautica 10 - Review of the game, with suggestions for the devs

I just quit the game after finding it way to anoying to play. I really like the story, and seeying other characters but the whole artic on land stuff is just one frustrating anoying piece of gameplay. I just died while piloting a penguin…… I was there in my prawnsuite, but yeah you need to get out of it to control the darn thing. And I died because I didn't notice the fact that I was getting cold…. It's such a frustrating mechanic….

The Good so far:

  • Story
  • 'New' feel in sequal
  • Still feeling scared of leviathans and what not
  • The map is stunning (underwater)
  • First part of the game is superb (undwater bridgy area and exploring and what not)
  • The story (again). Superb for 2nd game without feeling repetitive to much.

The bad:

  • The map is to small. Basebuilding has no use at all besides a mainbase.
  • General direction: At the start the game guides you well, but after that it's just one big mess. I randomly found two parts of the body, and I found the frozen leviathan. But noone tells me what to do here? I had to read online that your suppose to cure it? I'm currently trying to find the cure and the game just stopped giving any sort of direction (or am I suppose to build the body first and find the 3rd piece, no clue…). I can't find the cure, it should be in a penguin cave but I havn't found the exact cave…
  • The on-land-ice stuff. This game was about underwater, so I have to clue as to why they though this was a good idea….. This whole on land experience is just awfull. First of all, the whole snowfox is useless. I just used the prawn and walked right past the ice-worm… Then I got my prawn stuck, and I had to console command myself a new one. I am constantly hopping in and out of my vehicle because of this anoying freezing mechanics. It's not that the megaic is bad (replacement of oxygen on land I guess), it's just that the combination of 0 vision (during storm/nighttime) makes it the worst ever. I quit my current playtrough because the whole land part is just anoying instead of fun. I think the main reason for this is the lack of any form of direction, combined with anoying movement options like the snow-fox or prawn.
  • The penguin. Again a game mechanic that probably used up way to much development time. It's NOT FUN! I am stuck piloting a SUPER SLOW penguin. I get a 'computer mouse' just from turning that stupid thing. And besides that I CAN DIE WHILE PILOTIN IT? It's just annother frustrating forced game mechanic.
  • You can make a snow suite, but noone tells you how to. You just have to be lucky and see the hint which probably 99% of all players will miss. Then you have a snow suite, but you will probably want to not use the helmet because without a flashlight head thingy you can't see anything.
  • The seatruck. They should have just used the cyclops again. I don't understand why they spend god knows how much time implementing this vehicle. We KNOW about the cyclops, which was basically the best thing ever. They remove it from te game and give us this god awfull truck back. It's slow, it get stucks eveywhere and has almost no storage room what so ever. I find myselve using the boost permanently because batteries don't matter at all with a map this size….

My tips for the developers. Hoping they will read this?

  • Give more hints about why we need to cure the frozen thing, and where to find the cure. I have no clue where to look it and find it dumb that I need to go look at youtube or spend way to much time on this anoying land.
  • SINK THE WHOLE LAND STUFF (the part near pi robotics). Just place it underwater. BAM. Subnautica feel and we get rid of the anoying stuff. Make the spy penguin underwater. I guarantee you this will make the whole part 100 times more fun. Let the ice worm part above ground for those fluffy bears and the worm. That way not all effort wil be for nothing.
  • Make the final end part (guessing the whole alan body) somewhere far-far away. With your final goal needing to be: Build a cyclops with a shield generator, and make your way acros some god forsaken leviathan trench to to body builder thing. HOW cool would this be, right? We get our cyclops back, and not for exploring the first part, just the last 5% of the story!

Just my 5 cents.

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