Screw Tiger Plants [No Spoilers]

Subnautica 1 - Screw Tiger Plants [No Spoilers]

Well, I don’t think it’s a spoiler. If you don’t know what tiger plants are, don’t read ahead.

So anyway, I decided my next challenge was going to be to gather one of every harvestable plant in Subnautica and plant them outside my base. This included the tiger plant. I did not know the damage this one shitty fucking plant would do. I knew it damaged the player if you got too close but I assumed if you planted it it would go passive. I also have my reinforced dive suit so it doesn’t hurt me anyway. I had gathered up some seeds, including the tiger plant seed, popped them into my exterior growbeds and then hopped back into my seamoth to go gather more seeds. When I came back, I was fiddling around the garden and heard a sloshing. I looked up at a window in my base and saw that it was almost entirely flooded! Tiger plants thorny projectiles can apparently cause hull breaches in your base. I had to run/swim around my entire base and heal up and every breach after rapidly cutting down the tiger plant.


But this was not the end, because I was still stupid. I looked at the wiki and saw that tiger plants would become passive towards you if you put them in a containment unit so I figured, ok cool, I have an empty spot in my predator tank. I’ll just pop one in there and it’ll still be part of my plant collection even if it’s not in the garden. Apparently the tiger plant only becomes passive towards YOU, the player. It does not become passive towards other creatures. Once again I was fiddling with the garden and I heard creature screaming but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Then I heard sloshing again. I went back to my predator tank and saw that the tiger plant was shooting thorns left and right at my predators. The sand shark was already gone and I watched it shoot the bone shark down. That was the one I heard screaming. Also while the tiger plant was shooting at the creatures, it managed to damage my base hull again. I once again cut down the tiger plant and this time I threw its seeds in the garbage can.

But it still hasn’t ended. Because even though I put the corpse of my bone shark into the bioreactor, I still hear his screams. Whenever I swim near the base I hear the agonizing screeching of Boney. This isn’t metaphorical. There literally is some glitch that causes it to sound like an angry bone shark is nearby despite the fact I’m as far as I can be from one. Boney screams remain to haunt me and remind me of my poor decisions.

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