Sea Truck observations

Subnautica 9 - Sea Truck observations

I'm a little torn over the Sea Truck. The Sea Moth was my favorite vehicle in the first game and I used it almost exclusively until the endgame when you had to use the Cyclops. I was disappointed when I read that it wasn't going to be in this game.

Having read that the Sea Truck was going to be a kind of hybrid of the Moth and Cyclops had me intrigued and I guess in some sense it is but after close to 30 hours of play in the last three days, I'm starting to sour on it.

First the good. The cab portion by itself is fine from a maneuverability standpoint. It's not as nimble or as fast as the seamoth but it's close enough that I can live with it. So there's that.
The concept of the Sea Truck is good in that you can build as many modules as you need and customize the thing as you see fit. That's a great idea and I'm glad they tried it. I have a fabricator on board, storage for material, I use the aquarium module to store food and water fish for long trips and I can carry the Prawn suit. So far it does everything the Cyclops did and that's fine. That's it for the good though.

Now the bad: In order to get the functionality you'd like, you have to sacrifice a lot. The more modules you add, the slower and less maneuverable the vehicle gets. Traveling from one end of the map to the other is an exercise in time waste. The speed booster does very little to help and bleeds your battery. It's a good thing they introduce ion power early on in this game because without it, I'd likely give up using the truck as intended. Maybe if they let you stack that particular upgrade it would be better but you can only use one.


The modules themselves have issues. The storage module doesn't have nearly enough storage space. The aquarium module is pretty useless outside the shallows. The types of fish that live in the deep are only food fish. You can't make water out of anything other than bladderfish and I've only encountered them above 100m. The fabricator module is fine, but they left that empty wall that looks like you can build things on it but nothing will attach to it. Maybe that's coming in a later update, but right now aside from that little bench storage, the fabricator module is terribly underused. I didn't even bother with the sleeper module so I don't even know what the deal is with that. The docking module is whatever. At least I can carry my prawn suit around.

I feel like it could be made so much better. Add upgrades for the modules so that you can increase maneuverability and speed or increase storage (like with the seamoth). Let us build things inside the cabins so we can stuff we need, like more storage. Also, I'd like the ability to detach from the train without having to get up from the pilots seat. I'd also like a way to eject the modules individually from inside the train. Put a handle in each module that locks off and ejects the last one in the line. Or better yet a keyboard control to do it from the pilot's seat. It's annoying having to get up to eject the whole caboose so that I can take the cab down into the winding and entwined roots and tight spaces.

Anyway, that's my rant. Maybe I'm just not utilizing it correctly. How is everyone else using the Sea Truck?

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