So I made a story pre frostbite update about the in-game adventure and need to know if I should continue it or not

Subnautica 7 - So I made a story pre frostbite update about the in-game adventure and need to know if I should continue it or not

My name is Ryley Robinsin I as well as other colleagues, including my sister Sam and another colleague named Jevov were hired by the Alterra Corporation to explore planet 4546b a planet made almost entirely of water with a small amount of land seen on its surface and amazing amounts of wildlife in its observed places. We know only a few trips were ever made to the planet and only one got away from it completely alive that we still don’t know what happened to the person as alterra is keeping him in for questioning. We were sent to find alien technology and discouraged to analyze wildlife as only alien technology was worth anything when we came back. Our main research base was located next to an alien sanctuary with an impassable force field of ionizing green energy that required a strange white tablet to be inserted into a pedestal. We had other people do things in the arctic glaciers before we landed that were mining mainly titanium and quartz and sometimes finding copper silver or even gold. Back at our research base we broke our P.R.A.W.N. suits short Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nanosuit while using them for trying to quarry out the alien base and trying to break through the alien wall. I was sleeping at the time when a meteor shower happened and the base was rushed into red alert. I went outside to run and check on Jevov back at the alien base Sam told me that I needed to get back to the spare ship in the base at the time. When I got to the base Jevov’s tracker was in the cave however he wasn't. I went up to the alien base and saw that its shield had powered down. I ran up to it but it powered on when I got close a booming voice said "damage sustained sanctuary power critical". I yell who are you but there is no response so I run out of the cave only to find that one of the meteors must have struck nearby because the way back to my base was blocked however the boulders made a new way to the base. I climb up the boulders as if a makeshift ramp. I head back and Sam tells me "we have your ship on radar". I tell her "I'm not on that ship!" Sam says "then Jevov is the only one that can be". I tell Sam that the base is my best shelter now and run for the base. I see an avalanche come down the slope above our base and cover the whole base in snow. Even tipping the radio tower a small amount so it is precariously leaning. I tell Sam that * the base is gone*. I climb down into the frozen pool and as I get down into it the radio tower leans in and crashes the ice down below and I get plunged into the cold water below. I find that the water is as cold as the air above but there is no wind making it much more hospitable. My PDA boots up in emergency mode and says that my environment is no longer safe. Sam tells me that “I am dropping a lifepod near you”. I see the life pod in the sky rushing down towards the water and make my way to it. A parachute extends from it slowing the speed of the lifepod. I reach a safe 50 meter distance from the lifepods landing point as the legs extend from the lifepod to meet the ground. Solar panels extend from the top sides and the lifepod gets anchored into the ground. I go inside and find a few nutrition bars and some bottles of filtered water. I also find a fabricator inside so I can make things to help me survive. I go back out of the pod to find resources. I find titanium copper fish and even these ribbon like plants. I go back to my lifepod and make some batteries out of copper and the ribbon plants due to their acidic nature and I use that to create a scanner and a survival knife from the titanium I got. When I went out next Sam told me about the emergency supply cache about 400 meters from my position so I swam to the cache and when I get there I see creepvines. I also scanned blueprints along the way and when I got there. I saw multiple crates with nutrition bars disinfected waters and a data chip for an ultra high capacity tank. I go down a small amount into a cramped cave and find some more blueprints before I have to swim back up for oxygen. I go to the life pod and make a standard oxygen tank for short diving. I go back to the cache and explore the cave more to find that there are even more blueprints and outcrops that contain gold silver and titanium. When I got back to the surface I went to my lifepod to drop off the rest of my resources and found that I needed glass for the high capacity oxygen tank so I left the lifepod and found quartz crystals in the water and used them to fabricate glass using the onboard fabricator. I take my oxygen tank and combine it with glass titanium and some silver to make it a more compressed air tank when I put it on my back as well as some fins i made from silicone rubber from the creepvine seed clusters and lubricant from the seed clusters as well to make a seaglide. I was ready to go everywhere I needed to go as long as it wasn't too deep or dangerous. I went to the island and heard roars. I knew something large was going to be around the island. When I got there I saw large quad toothed predators with the teeth looking like a beak and their two eyes glowing green in the water. I knew to keep my distance and saw tall thin thermal vents that I could use to dodge around the dangerous creatures. While finding a way onto the island without getting killed I used my seaglide trying to outmaneuver the creatures. When I had almost reached the island one of them had came out from my left and bit my arm. When I had gotten onto the island I took out my scanner and scanned it. It was called a cryptosuchus. Now that I was close I could see It was a scaly creature. Before I climbed the island I opened up a first aid kit and applied some isopropyl alcohol to the wound and a bandage. I went up the island and about midway on the above water portion of the island there was a research base with a mineral detector and some crystallized sulfur. I went to the top of the island and found a habitat builder and some things inside the base including a non functioning coffee maker. I leave the base and go back to my lifepod and drop my things off that I don't need. And I drink a bottle of water. I go into a ravine-like land formation and find a cave that my pda says leads to an alien sanctuary from which it says to me “ you are approaching an alien sanctuary, be careful to not damage anything inside”. I go in and find that there is a barrier that allows a passage to an air filled room with water just on the other side separated by nothing or so it seems. I walk deeper into the alien sanctuary and the booming voice speaks again saying “power critical storage medium required”. I yell who are you and I get a reply that tells me to turn back. “I say what if I don't?” The voice does not reply, I yell “answer me!” The voice does not answer so I go farther into the cave. I get into an alien base like place and I see a large floating cube in the center of the room. The voice tells me to go to the pedestal. I ask “why” and the voice just says “do you want answers?” I think and then go up to the pedestal and the booming voice says “storage medium found” I yell “what!” And then black out. I wake up an hour later and look around the room and see that I'm still in the same alien room. I wonder what happened when I hear a voice coming from seemingly everywhere I ask “who are you” to which the alien replies in your language you would refer to me as Al-an. I immediately say humans travel through space and the first alien name we encounter is alan. I get back to work and then Al-an says that I will require another different storage medium in order to prevent data loss. I walk out of the alien sanctuary and see some kind of sharks above me. I try to focus on the sharks swarming around me and say you and me both. I grab my seaglide and use it to propel myself through the water the sharks try to give chase but are too slow to hurt more than my hearing and stop their chasing with a roar of anger. I go back to my escape pod and deposit some things and after sitting for a few minutes I plunged into the freezing water once more.


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