So I’ve got a new idea for an amazing subnautica game.

Subnautica 5 - So I’ve got a new idea for an amazing subnautica game.

This subnautica game would be very similar to minecraft in many ways but have its own distinct style of gameplay and everything. You would start on the home menu and have the option to play on creates worlds or make new ones, even the option to join friends. You can even buy or make your own skins.

World Generation: When you create a world it is generated in the size you choose it to be. The worlds biomes are randomly generated and can be in different locations, shapes and sizes, as well as having different numbers of fauna or flora such as having a random amount of leviathans if it’s the right biome. A normal randomly generated world will have each biome and both island types from the first game. You can even choose to survive in one giant biome which can make survival fun and quite a challenge. You can also generate the world to have the biomes and creatures of below zero instead. And every world will have one of each structure from the game in the franchise it is based on. For example in a subnautica based world their will automatically be an aurora, quarantine enforcement platform, disease research facility, alien thermal plant, and containment facility generated. Also leviathans can spawn more based on how big the biome they spawn in is. The bigger the biome the more that can spawn which can make exploring biomes more dangerous.

Animal behavior: Animals can now have new types of behavior and even breed with one another then lay their eggs which you can hatch. You can even tame certain species of animals including the aggressive leviathans in the game. Certain species such as bone sharks will actively hunt in groups and follow a pack leader that is a larger more powerful bone shark. They can also sneak up on their prey now to make hunting easier. Certain species may even fight each other for leadership of the group and various other kinds of interaction.


Lost river and lava zone entrances: Lost river entrances can be found in the blood kelp zone and trench, deep grand reef and bulb zone. Ghost leviathans now have a new behavior when they hatch from the cove tree as babies attack everything until they grow larger and become juveniles then they seek out exits and leave the lost river into the bulb zone, blood kelp and grand reef. They continue to grow until they become adults and head into the dead zone. Lava zone entrances can be found in the lost river but on random spots, and lava lakes entrances can also be found in the inactive lava zone. Sea dragon leviathans roam in them but periodically leave the lava zones and lost river to head to the surface to hunt smaller leviathans such as ghosts, reapers and reefbacks. After it does so it will head back to the lava zone.

Sanctuary base piece: New base pieces can be scanned to be able to build them, one new type would be a sanctuary that builds a huge aquarium that can store many creatures including leviathan. It is a smaller version of the aquarium that the sea emperor was stored in. It has entrances in it that players can open up in order to let their animals in. Plants can also be planted within and grow inside the sanctuary. Eggs can be planted in the sanctuary and will hatch a short while after being dropped.

Dead zone expansion: The dead zone will be greatly expanded and more species of leviathans can be found in the dead zone, but they are bigger versions of the one you’ll find in the world. The depth meter you can go will also be expanded and you can find huge ship graveyards filled with countless enormous ships that have been shot down by the quarantine enforcement platform. They have huge amounts of materials you can scan and large amounts of metal you can collect. However it is dangerous to go here due to amounts of radiation so deadly you’ll die without a special upgrade to the radiation suit.

Leave what you think of this newer game in the series in the comments and I’d like to hear your ideas as well.

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