Story Time with your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Subnautica 10 - Story Time with your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Hello Peepers!

As a first-time player, I have to say, I'm in love with this beautifully terrifying game! I have already invested 13 hours in 2 days when I should probably be studying for my MCAT exam in 3 weeks. But, that's beside the point!

I already have a Seamoth (named Peter) and a Prawn Suit (named Parker), so I thought the next logical step is to get myself a brand new, top of the line, Cyclops! I read on another thread that I can find fragments to build a Cyclops near the Aurora wreckage. Now, I've already been to the Aurora so I know about the existence of our good friends, Sammy and his buddies.

So, I prepared myself mentally, hopped into Peter, and started my venture to our beloved friend's abode. Things were going well, I found all required fragments for the Cyclops Bridge and Engine. However, I was unsuccessful in finding any fragments for the Cyclops Hull. Not because there weren't any nearby (I'm sure there are fragments somewhere in that area), but because one of Sammy's friends, Steve, decided to pay me a surprise visit!


Let me tell ya, these guys know how to give great hugs! After Steve let me go, I promptly headed home because Peter wasn't feeling so good. On our trek back to the Safe Shallows, adrenaline was still pumping from that tender embrace Steve and I shared moments ago. I got to my base, parked Peter in my Moonpool, saved the game, quit, and took a warm shower.

Here I am now, fresh out of the shower, typing this pointless post that will surely get buried. But I needed to vent and say how much I love Sammy and co., and I wish them nothing but the best!

Now, I will continue my search for those elusive Cyclops Hull fragments elsewhere (I don't want to bother our friends over by the Aurora anymore). So, if anyone knows where I can find some, please let me know!

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As for all of you, may your batteries always be 100%, may those pesky Stalkers stay away from your cameras, and may you find a Cuddlefish to love and cuddle.

Happy swimming and Happy New Year from your's truly,


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