Suggestions & gratitude regarding decorations and plant varieties.

Subnautica 8 - Suggestions & gratitude regarding decorations and plant varieties.

Hi devs, I know the game is almost over but I've seen so many wonderful plants and decorations all over the game! Some you've implemented for us to use ourselves, which is wonderful, and there's some others too I hope you'll let us use.

Firstly, I just want to say thank you for:

  • All the single bed decorations. Some of the new spreads are absolutely beautiful, they give more character to — well — the characters, and they make my base so much nicer.

  • WE CAN MAKE BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS NOW DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME??? All throughout the last game I was wondering how poor Ryley went to the toilet before he found land…

  • You made the plant walls scannable again! Thank you SO MUCH for those, I missed them so much and I'm so glad they're back!

  • The glass rooftops. These are wonderful for my greenhouses.

  • SO MANY POSTERS!!!! We had so few in the original game and now there are SO MANY.
    aFEpNE6 - Suggestions & gratitude regarding decorations and plant varieties.

    I'm changing bases and shoved all the decorations in one room while I change over — it's so nice to see CLUTTER in my base!!! It makes my base feel lived in!
  • Being able to use Sam's necklace as a decoration, and having her picture… yeah, not gonna lie, I'm choking up.

  • The small decorations we can make with the base builder, such as the lamp and executive toy. They give our bases more character.

  • The control room is a fantastic addition. I'm glad that we can customise our base colour, get an automatic beacon, and can also use it to find leaks.

Here's some decorations I've seen that I'd love to be able to use myself:

  • My favourite piece of furniture is the round plant rack in Marguerit's greenhouse. Even if it wasn't functional, it'd be a lovely centrepiece for my own greenhouse.

  • I also love the plants you can find in one of the architect scanning areas in the deep lilypads biome — there's a fountain and garden. A lot of the plants there you could plant in the original Subnautica, but for some reason you can't harvest seeds from them this time around. With very little base customisation in the original game compared to Below Zero, I often liberally used these plants (the pink flowers, purple mushrooms, etc) in my base in the original game and it'd be great if they could come back.

  • It'd also be great if we could harvest seeds from those huge cotton anemones in the deep lilypads — there's some smaller versions of those on the sea floor, but they don't have the same model. It'd be great if we could plant a small version of the bigger ones (maybe they're 4×4 size?) that might allow us to harvest one of those glowy balls every now and then. Even if we couldn't harvest them — they're absolutely beautiful.

If that biome wasn't so out of the way I'd make my base down there.

  • Outdoor plant pots would be great! Sadly the only outdoor plant areas are the really big ones, but it would be great if I could just put little pots on top of my compartments here and there for decoration.

  • The ability to scan and build curtains/blinds, microscopes and some more lab equipment would be great!

  • Being able to make shelves with books would be cool, too — like being able to choose between empty or full/partially full shelves. I know there aren't any book stores on 4546B, but there's no reason we can't raid Alterra bases for their books, right? 😉

  • Having the single bedspreads as double beds would be awesome!

  • Being able to put lockers in our moon pools would be great! I don't mean the lockers we already have (although those are great!) — I mean the lockers the Alterra staff have, the ones that look like gym lockers.

  • Honestly if it wasn't scannable before now but exists as decoration in Alterra bases, there's almost certainly a bunch of people who'd love to be able to use it in their own bases, myself included. Clutter, clutter, clutter! Marie Kondo's right, it sparks joy!

I know you guys have already made an update where you poured so much into base decor, and that was wonderful and made me so excited for base building. There's still so much more I'd love to put in my base, too.

I know it's late in development but I'd be so happy if you implemented more decorations and plants. I really hope you consider it and you're able to budget the time and resources into giving it further polish. I've never been excited about base building in any other game — even in Minecraft I just make basic houses. But one of my favourite things about Subnautica is the bases! I don't know why base building in Subnautica feels so much more fun than in other games, it just is.

Thanks if you've read this far, devs. Thanks for the decorations you've given us so far, and thank you for your hard work. This is a wonderful game and it's really built on the original Subnautica and made Below Zero even better.

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