Tales of subnautica: Vol. 1, Chapter II — ⚠️ CAUTION: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD

Subnautica 7 - Tales of subnautica: Vol. 1, Chapter II — ⚠️ CAUTION: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD

It was huge, like no other cavern I’d seen before. Its opening was large enough to fit the bridge section of the Aurora quite snuggly. A gap generous enough in fact to swallow a Cyclops whole. Surely it would be host to a variety of monstrous abominations, large enough to sink either of the aforementioned vessels.

Unfortunately I hadn’t been piloting my Cyclops, nor the bridge of the Aurora. I’d decided to go out on a scouting trip in my Seamoth out of necessity to find new biomes and resources. I found exactly that. I’d stumbled across, what I have now come to know as, “The entrance to Hell”

Not understanding the exact scope and depth of the landscape, I ventured to delve deeper than ever before. Out of excitement I neglected to even think about returning back to home base to prepare for the journey. A decision I would soon regret.

The first thing I noticed was the change in hue of the ocean. Gradually it faded out of black and into green, and soon after that my temperature gauge began fluctuating. I looked down to discover multiple reaper leviathan bones and, needless to say, it was an eerie transformation of the environment. One that made my heart race.

Yet faster still did it race when I caught my first glimpse of the huge ghost leviathan. I was so gripped by fear that I froze, unable to resist letting off of the throttle. As my movement dwindled to a stop I couldn’t help but to just sit back and watch as the beast hunted and swallowed prey larger than my Seamoth in one bite. How could such a large creature move with such deadly grace?

I’m not sure how long I sat there, mesmerized by the monsters prowess, but by the time I built up my courage to move I’d consumed 5% percent of my vehicles energy, and I was starting to get thirsty. I quickly checked my inventory for water and was lucky to find that I hadn’t neglected to empty my filtration system of water bottles before I’d left.

Having quenched my parched throat I pushed on, moving as quietly and out of the way of the ghost leviathan as possible. While I moved around the perimeter of the cave I looked down and noticed a gaping hole leading even further down through the ocean floor. A trip for another day I thought, unfortunately my hull strength wouldn’t allow me any deeper.

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So I moved on, devoting that spot to memory. A few uneventful hundred meters later I happened upon quite the find. An alien structure! I moved quicker towards it, unable to resist my curiosity for the precursor tech and treasures hidden within.

Just before I reached the entrance however, I was hit by a blinding light. “Of course it wouldn’t have been that easy” I thought to myself. When I regained my vision I found myself outside of my Seamoth, staring straight into the scythes of a warper. It was to be a fight then.

I frantically scuffled around for my stasis rifle, but by the time I had it in my hands it was too late. I swam backwards just in time to avoid a hit, however my Seamoth wasn’t so lucky. The swing from the purple demons arm had narrowly missed me, but the bony blade had made a solid connection with my vehicle. I began charging my rifle again and this time my shot connected. I frantically got back into my Seamoth and made a b-line straight for the entrance of the fallen precursor research station. I made it inside just as the stasis field faded and set free the agent.

I watched it warp away and knew I was safe. For the time being.

After repairing my vehicle I looked around the building and found plenty of ion cubes and data points. Nothing new really…until I rounded the corner to find what looked like an oversized biter head. It’s mouth large enough to swallow me completely. Considering the relatively small size of the mouth compared to the rest of the creatures massive head I drew the conclusion that this was definitely a creature that I wouldn’t have wanted to mess with.

What a violent and terrifying place this planet must have been in its ancient primeval stages. Thinking about it that way almost made me grateful towards my current predicament. I may be stuck on an alien, and ocean covered planet with little hope of rescue, but at least the predators weren’t as big as the monstrosity that sat before me.

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Gathering myself I rounded another corner to find that this had actually been a warper-construction plant. This confirmed my suspicions that they were unnatural creatures. They were built, not born. I took a few scans before realizing how long I’d been gone, it was time to leave. I returned to my Seamoth to make the long trip home.

This time around the warper didn’t notice me, but on my way out of the cave the ghost leviathan did. I must admit that hearing it’s deafening screech behind me forced my bladder to void itself a little. I was far enough away that I was able to outrun the beast but it created a new level of paranoia in me that made my skin crawl. This ocean was far more dangerous than I had previously realized, still I had a feeling that I had yet to see the worst of it.

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