The Anti-Leviathan guide

Subnautica 9 - The Anti-Leviathan guide

As someone who was able to beat in Subnautica in less then a month, I know how to deal with Leviathans. There is 6 Leviathans in the game and three of them will become a massive problem. This guide will help you deal with these Leviathans. I tried making this post a few weeks ago, but I couldn't complete it and on the mobile version, I couldn't save it as a draft (which is stupid). Anyways, let's get started.


We can all agree on one thing and it's that Reaper Leviathans are a terrifying nuisance. An encounter with the Reaper is practically inevitable if you want to beat the game, and they can really fuck your shit up. Reaper Leviathan is gonna be the first Leviathan (excluding the Reefback Leviathan) you'll encounter. The first step to avoiding them is knowing what biome they are in. Here's a tip of advice, do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, venture into Reaper Leviathan territory when it's night due to low visibility. Here are the biomes Reaper Leviathans are found in:

Crash Zone

Crash Zone Mesa



Now that you know where they are, let's get to the part in how you deal with them.


Evasion is a good tactic to use, especially if you are a beginner and ill-suited for a stand off against it. Use evasion against the Reaper Leviathan if you're just passing by it's territory. You can try using the evasion tactic if you're exploring it's biome, but that's not the smartest idea because you can't dodge its attacks forever. Now evasion requires timing and focus. If you know you are in Reaper Leviathan territory, it's best to have your volume up. The Reaper Leviathan occasionally roars. You'll know if it's around your proximity, and if it's by you depending on the sound of its roar. If the roar sounds distant, it means a Reaper Leviathan is within proximity. When you hear a distant roar, keep your guard up and stay alert because if a Reaper Leviathan catches you off guard, you're done for. When it's close by, it's roar is noticeably louder and even sounds more savage. If you hear this roar, it most likely means it's charging at you. If it charges you, brace yourself and get ready to dodge. In my opinion, the best way to dodge it's attack is turning to it's left or right. Remember, it requires good timing because if you try to dodge too early, it will catch you, and if you dodge too late, it will catch you again. A good idea when trying to get through Reaper Leviathan territory is to stay right by the surface. Usually, Reaper Leviathans will be by the ocean floor, so those won't notice you, though their are some that are by the surface. If one starts charging you when you are at the surface, breach the surface. It should miss and go right over you. That is all I have for evading it.


If you plan on exploring Reaper Leviathan territory or your looking for something that is found in their territory, repelling is an alternative to evading. To repel the Reaper Leviathan, these tools are good options:

Thermoblade or Survival Knife + Stasis Rifle

Repulsion Cannon

Seamoth Torpedo System

Prawn Suit

I'm not sure if Propulsion Cannon can work, but it might. Anyways, using these weapons, you can fend off the Reaper Leviathan if it comes to attack you. If it is attacked it will flee, but will come back after awhile. If you're just exploring, repelling is very efficient, but if you're looking for something, it may not be the best option because the constant skirmishes will break your focus and paranoia will not help you in your search. That's all I have for repelling it.


While I probably wasn't very clear or seemed amateur about evading and repelling, when it comes to taking the life of a Leviathan, I'm an expert. During my time playing Subnautica, I killed 15 Reaper Leviathans. To have a good fight against the Reaper Leviathan, you'll need these things:

Prawn Suit

Repair Tool

Extra batteries and power cells



I've heard people using a knife and stasis rifle to take down this Leviathan, but it's more fun with the Prawn Suit. To get your Prawn Suit ready for battle, give it atleast the grappling arm. I also recommend an upgraded power jet Module for it, but you should do just fine without it. Whenever I went after the Reaper Leviathan, my Prawn Suit was equipped with the grappling arm and upgraded power jet Module. Now you are probably wondering "why would I need to kill a Leviathan"? Well, there's a variety of reasons why. You should take down these Leviathans because:

1.) It's actually fun to fight them

2.) They can pose a massive obstacle

3.) Revenge

4.) To scan without it moving at all

5.) To put your skills to the test

For whatever reason you may have to kill a Reaper Leviathan, just know that they don't go down without a fight. Once you pick a fight with them, there's no turning back, it's a fight to the death. So if you're planning to go takedown a Reaper Leviathan, do it with the intentions of putting it to sleep permanently. Killing the Reaper Leviathan requires a lot of strategy. Before you go to fight the Reaper Leviathan, make sure you have a plan. Do not challenge the Reaper Leviathan at night because it will have the edge over you. I recommend going after the Reaper Leviathan when it's dawn. Now that you initiated a fight against the Reaper Leviathan, here's a good strategy against it. Use your grappling arm to hook on to it and once your close, punch that overgrown fish. For me, whenever I have the grappling hook attached, the moment I throw a punch, my grappling arm unhooks. Now since it flees when it takes damage, pursue the Reaper Leviathan. Don't worry about it going into the void because the faunas are programmed to go in the direction of the center of the map. Since you'll be using your Prawn Suit, the Prawn Suit is durable, so if the Reaper Leviathan grabs you, your Prawn Suit will survive without a problem, and you can still attack it while it has you grabbed. Now say your Prawn Suit is at low integrity. That is why you have your repair tool. Try to find a hiding spot or a spot that the Reaper Leviathan won't be able to get you to repair your Prawn Suit. The Grappling arm is also useful to evade the attacks of the Reaper Leviathan. The Prawn Suit is a slow moving vehicle and not the most agile. With the Grappling arm, you'll be more mobile because you'll be able to move quickly using it. Once it gets it into the Safe Shallows, you have the edge over it now. Consider this the final showdown against it. Now you may have an edge over the Reaper Leviathan now, don't get careless because if you get cocky and underestimate the Reaper Leviathan, it will take you and your Prawn Suit out in a heartbeat. If you have it in the Safe Shallows, it is less mobile. Remember to keep your eye on it throughout the entirety of the fight. If you successfully kill the Reaper Leviathan, congratulations. If you haven't scanned it, now's your chance. If it presented an obstacle, not anymore. Now you can go take picture of the Reaper Leviathan you slayed and post it on the internet and start bragging about it.


You guys know about Reaper Leviathan, now meet the Ghost Leviathan. It may have been months since I last played Subnautica after I beat it, but I remember my first encounter with these spooky motherfuckers like if it happened yesterday. I wanted to explore and uncover all the secrets of Subnautica. I decided to see what was on the other side of the Aurora. That obviously meant going through Reaper Leviathan territory. I went on my Seamoth and made my way towards the otherside of the Aurora. I had to dodge Reaper Leviathans on the way over. Once I had made my way pass the Reaper Leviathans, I continued forward. My PDA then said "Warning: Entering ecological dead zone. Adding report to databank." I continued forward to make sure I got out of Reaper Leviathan territory. After a few seconds, I decided to look down to see what this new biome was. The moment I looked down, I see three of those goliath smurfs charging at me from below me. I don't even know how I made out alive with me Seamoth. By some miracle of God, I survived (though my Seamoth was heavily damaged). Those Ghost Leviathans left me traumatized ever since that encounter. But when I killed my first Ghost Leviathan, I lost my fear of them. Now that I told you my experience with the Ghost Leviathan, let's get to the guides. Here are the biomes that the Ghost Leviathans are found in:


Crater's Edge

Grand Reef

Lost River

-Bones Field

-Ghost Forest

-Mountains Corridor

Northern Blood Kelp Zone

Just so you know, there is absolutely nothing in the Crater's Edge so don't even bother making the journey over, it's a waste of time and the risks are way too high. I almost forgot to mention that there is two types of Ghost Leviathans. There is the Juvenile Ghost Leviathans and there is the Adult Ghost Leviathans. I don't know if it's just me but it feels like the adult ones are more aggressive than the juvenile ones.


Evading Ghost Leviathan is somewhat easier than evading the Reaper Leviathan. The reason is because when they attack, even if they miss, they lose interest (though if you stay in their radius, they will attempt to attack you again). Since they lose interest in you when they attack, it will give you time to get away before they try to strike again. The ones in the Lost River (I've only encountered juvenile ones in there) can be easily outmaneuvered by the Seamoth. The adult ones, however, aren't as easily outmaneuvered as the juveniles ones. If you find yourself in the void and those Ghost Leviathans appear, retreat to where you came from IMMEDIATELY. To lessen your chances of getting completely mauled, stay by the surface like how you would with Reaper Leviathan. It will be harder for them to hit you and they will lose interest in you for a few seconds, giving you an interval. With the Cyclops, I don't really know of a way for you to sneak past the Ghost Leviathan with that behemoth. I remember someone telling me a way to sneak past them, but I don't remember. That's all I have for evading Ghost Leviathan.


Repelling the Ghost Leviathan is basically the same thing as repelling Reaper Leviathan, it's just with the juvenile Ghost Leviathan, it has less space to run. I suggest using the repel method against the Ghost Leviathan when they come to attack your Cyclops.


The Ghost Leviathans don't require as much planning as the Reaper Leviathan does, but it's still a good idea to have a plan and strategy to use against it. The juvenile Ghost Leviathans are a joke because the moment you hit them, they literally run into the wall like an idiot, allowing you pummel it to death. It's barely even a fight. But the Adult ones are a different story. It doesn't really matter when you go tackle the Adult Ghost Leviathan because you should still be able to see it fine even at night due to their glowing bodies. They won't grab you like the Reaper Leviathan so you can basically just tackle it head on. Just like with the Reaper Leviathan, once you pick a fight with the Adult Ghost Leviathan, you fight it to the death. It will also run to the Safe Shallows like the Reaper does. Other than that, facing off against the Ghost Leviathan isn't as hard as it seems, if you're careful that is. Also, just like the Reaper Leviathan, the Ghost Leviathan roars when it's gonna try to attack you.


We have gone over the Reaper and the Ghost Leviathan, now the final one is the Sea Dragon Leviathan. I don't really have much to say about this one. All I can say is that this one is a whole lot different than the other two leviathans you dealt with. Now here are the biomes they are located in:

Inactive Lava Zone

Lava Lakes (Active Lava Zone)

This Leviathan will put your skills to the ultimate test to just how worthy you are of bathing in the glory of beating Subnautica.


Avoiding the Sea Dragon Leviathan in the Inactive Lava Zone is somewhat simple, but at the same, can be tricky. Evading it is definitely easier said then done. To avoid the one in the Inactive Lava Zone, go to the bottom because they tend to hangout by the roof. Make sure you have the Sonar Module. If you spot the Sea Dragon Leviathan, enable Silent Running, turn off the lights, and keep an eye on it. If you manage to sneak past it, that's perfect, but be very careful when attempting to do so. When you reach the Lava Lakes, don't enter the Primary Containment Facility using the Cyclops. Park the Cyclops outside the entrance of the Lava Lakes and enter using the Prawn Suit. The Sea Dragon Leviathan is less likely spot you if you are going in using the Prawn Suit.


Now say you failed to sneak past it and now it's attacking your Cyclops. Remain calm. Just activate the Shield Generator and get onto the Prawn Suit. The Prawn Suit is very ideal for repelling it. After a little skirmish, the Sea Dragon should flee. The one in the Lava Lakes can be repelled but not driven out of the their (well atleast I never drove it out). If you are using your Prawn Suit to enter the Primary Containment Facility, you might not always sneak past it. Just like the one in the Inactive Lava Zone, if it goes to attack you, fight back until it flees from you. That is all I have for repelling the Sea Dragon Leviathan.


Assuming that you took down the Reaper and Ghost Leviathan, now you are gonna duel the Sea Dragon Leviathan. I killed the one in the Lava Lakes. The Sea Dragon Leviathan is gonna put you fighting skills to the ultimate test. The Sea Dragon, unlike the Reaper and the Ghost Leviathan, has a variety of ways to attack. It can grab you with your jaw (which deals a rapid amount of damage to your Prawn Suit), it can smack, which deal massive knockback, it can fire breath, and it can shoot fireballs. Lucky for you, it's easy to escape it's grip if it grabs you. If you hit it while you're grabbed a few times, it will let go. What makes this fight difficult is how in the Lava Lakes, you don't have much footing because your Prawn Suit takes damage from standing on the lava. There is also virtually no hiding spots so you're gonna have to repair your Prawn Suit out in the open. Now when you need to repair your Prawn Suit, try going to one of the walls of the biome. Also, when the Sea Dragon Leviathan smacks you, it's usually to make you back off. A good tactic against it is attack it from above. Remember that dodging it's attacks is important because if you're Prawn Suit get destroyed, you're screwed. If you manage to kill the Sea Dragon Leviathan, congratulations, you are officially a dragon slayer.

Now we are reaching the end of this post. Remember, fighting Leviathans (especially the Reaper Leviathan) does have consequences. Those consequences are collateral damage. I have killed 15 Reaper Leviathans during my time playing Subnautica. I started to notice the collateral damage when I killed my third one. The results were that the Mushroom Forest barely had any Jellyrays their anymore, it became infested with Bonesharks and Ampeels, Jellyrays, Ampeels, and Gasopods moved into the Grassy Plateaus, and Sand Sharks have invaded the Safe Shallows. If you don't care about the collateral damage, you can't eradicate the Reapers for all I care. But if you don't want collateral damage to be severe, I suggest going after the Reaper only if it stands in you way. I suspect that the endless hostility of the Reaper Leviathan is a big factor of such results. Also, I knew more on what to do against the Reaper Leviathan because I fought it the most out of the other two Leviathans. Anyways, please leave a comment down below and enjoy the post.

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