The endgame has really wierd pacing…

Subnautica 7 - The endgame has really wierd pacing...

Ok, first of all, I love this game. The connecting of crafting-survival done right with the complelling story and just enough guidance to make it fun is great. Subnautica is one of my favourite games…

But its not perfect. The endgame is especialy wierd, that is when you enter the Lava zone.

Before that, its all pretty clear. You get the Sunbeam event, you clearly see that you should go into the weapon facility. You should have the tablet from the Floating Islands unless you are blind and there is also one right next to the facility. You get data on where to go next (a cave system with fossils, about this deep…) and you also get a guide by the location of the last Degasi seabase.

This is all extremely fine and I loved dodging the danger noodles while scanning the giant skeletons, sneaky-building a base right next to the giant skeleton and finding the Research station.

After that, though… it gets wierd. First of all, in the Reasearch station, you get told to find the Emperor at 1400 metres. Ofcourse, you forget all about the 1200m powerplant. And why shouldnt you? Its a powerplant. You want to get the Khaara cure. So you would naturaly go for the 1400m base, as the Research base suggests.
So I set out into the Lava zone, dodge Sea Dragons with my Cyclops, its all amazing. I find the 1400m base, I am loving life… oh… I need a blue tablet. Which I have never even seen before that. Well, shit.

Ok, lets say you are not as dumb as my dumb ass and you realise it can be in the power plant without the need to google it. You go there and are able to find it, which took me about 20 minutes even when I got accidentaly spoiled about what to look for while googling where to get the blue tablet. Its a really small door to get there with not a lot of indication its there, I expected something huge like the other 3 bases.


You get in there… and need a purple tablet. TWO OF THEM. Now, I know many people use the Cyclops as a mobile base and probably had 4 diamonds with them. I belive you get ion cubes in the facility, so you have those at the ready… but I did not. I like to use the Cyclops at the end game as a submarine and I keep my stuff safe out of nom nom range of leviathans in my giant skeleton base. So I need to get the slowass cyclops back there, get the diamonds (and I had those handy… it would really kill my enjoyment if I had to go FIND some) and craft the purple tablets. I sneak back into the base, my momentum and excitement almost gone by now. I get Ion power, I get the blue tablet, I leave.

Now, I go back to the 1400m base, I do not get the message from the emperor again since I killed the mood of the moment by not having the blue tablet. I open the door, I am once again excited about the game, I am at the end almost! And I need another blue tablet… Fuck. Well, at least I have my Prawn with me. Now Imagine if you did not have that and were just rolling in the Cyclops so you could not mine the crystals around this facility. Also imagine you did not ahve a fabricator in your cyclops so you would need to go back to base camp and craft that again!

And to top it all off, when you finaly get to the emperor, you get a fetch quest to get the plants to hatch the eggs. Well… shit.

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