The Science of Subnautica Part 2

Subnautica 7 - The Science of Subnautica Part 2

Phew, it's been a while! Sorry it took so long to get back to this but I had a bit of a dry spell irl and had to focus more free time into welding. But I have time now so let's do this!

  1. The Sea Dragon Leviathan

The Sea Dragon Leviathan is a predatory fauna species that inhabits the hottest and most pressurized biome in the game. And has the ability to "spit fire" at the player. The in game data from scanning this particular predator states that one third of it's chest is made from inorganic materials. If we are to believe that the "Fire" is actually molten rock then we already have a pretty stable source of Fuel nearby. I'm going to make an assumption here so forgive me, in that I believe the "Inorganic material" the PDA is referencing is mostly tungsten. Tungsten is a metal (which is inorganic) that has such a high melting point that it is commonly used as a means of arc welding (The GTAW process specifically) and can most definitely remain solid while in contact with molten rocks. Graphite is also a good material to handle the heat, however graphite is noticably more brittle then Tungsten and considering the Sea dragon couldn't give less of a damn about you hacking away at it with that puny titanium knife it's most likely a metal of some sort.

  1. The Ghost Leviathan

I'm just going to say this honestly and bluntly, this one had me stumped for a while, remember my goal with this series is to explain Subnautica with real science and our current understanding of physics, but in the end I've taken a bit of a stretch here so bare with me and feel completely welcome to theorize yourself. The Ghost Leviathan is a large predatory Leviathan class of fauna found in the lost River and the ecological dead zone. The key feature of the ghost Leviathan is it's translucent skin and it's ability to phase into your base, and Cyclops. The ability to phase seems ridiculous, nothing phases right? Well partially. My answer to this issue is quantum tunneling, and yes I know that quantum tunneling is a molasses speed process but it would possibly work. If the ghost Leviathan possibly spreads up the process in all of it's atoms it could indeed phase in.

  1. The Evolution of The Leviathan class

I have talked a lot about Leviathans today, and I don't want to stop, someone send help. Now I'm going to analyze why even though all the predatory Leviathan class fauna are equally terrifying though radically different. Not all Leviathans are aggressive however, the Reefback is one such example. A clear similarity is between the Sea Dragon and the Sea Emperor. They look very similar but I have yet to see a Sea Emperor shoot molten rocks or a Sea Dragon produce Enzyme 42. It can be assumed that the Two shared a common ancestor in which one group ate meat and developed Features to aid in eating meats (Hands for grabbing and claws for cutting) and the other developed Features more suited for a herbivorous lifestyle. The Reaper Leviathan and Ghost Leviathan also share features that are notably different from the Sea Leviathans. The two share Four front facing eyes, and an even number of mandabels near their jaws. The Reaper evolved twice the amount at some point to (presumably) aid in consuming larger prey while the ghost Leviathan kept a rather small mouth in comparison. There seems to have been a split from the Reaper Leviathans that went towards colder waters aswell to form the chelicerate but that's a story for another day.

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