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Subnautica 6 - Things I'd like to see

Loved Subnautia, loving watching the development of Below Zero, trying hard to avoid playing too much before release. These are some things I would have loved in the first game that I hope can maybe make it into the second.

– More survival mechanics! Subnautica didn't really feel like a survival game once I got my first base. I think it would be cool if these mechanics were expanded upon. I think it would be cool if every plant was edible and growable even if some of them would not be beneficial. This would make it cooler to find new biomes because you might find a new food source. It could also be made so that you would have to try something once to see what effect it had. It would also be cool if weather was a bigger deal (especially with the greater focus on above ground areas!) forcing you to prepare more for inclement weather. Maybe even have some biomes have permanent weather like a snowstorm to for the player to adapt?

– More reasons to have multiple bases in different locations. One of the coolest things I ever did in Subnautica was rig up a scanner room in the dunes to tracker reapers while wearing a scanner hud chip. I wish there was a greater purpose to putting small bases in different locations, like an outpost in each biome. To enable this I first thought about the need to grow plants in different locations – where they would grow worse (or even not at all) if planted too far away from their home waters. This could tie into more plants being used as food, or perhaps more complex craft trees? It would also be cool if you needed outposts to store things you needed to survive in a biome. I really enjoyed using the rad suit to approach the Aurora, and I wish more biomes required survival equipment instead of just depth modules.


– Seeing the critters interact with the environment. Stalkers getting metal was cool and I wish more creatures did things like that. Especially with the herbivores – all of the herbivores in Subnautica just swim around, they don't actually eat plants! It would be cool to see some more complex behaviors. As an example some things I would have liked in Subnautica would have been a type of fish that shelters under the bulbs in the great reef, scattering to another bulb when you got close. Or perhaps a "tick" creature that lives in the blood kelp, climbing between strands to consume the oil.

– More lighting. I love how Subnautica looks and I think some lighting polish would really take it over the top into one of the best looking games I've ever played. It would be nice to see lights interacting with underwater particles, as well as seeing bio-luminescence spread out more. The purple mushroom caves did this really well and I'd like to see it get improved upon. Ice and snow in Below Zero give some really cool opportunities to play with this and I hope it gets pushed a bit further!

Really looking forward to playing Below Zero when it comes out. Or, more realistically, sometime before it does because I probably can't wait that long.

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