This game just terrified me more than any other has recently

Subnautica 8 - This game just terrified me more than any other has recently

So I jumped on and got this for free, was planning on buying it for a while so it was a nice bonus. I must have played about 5 hours straight, just got to the crashed ship and sealed the breach, got some nice new modules in my Seamoth and thought I’ll go explore the other side and see if there’s another entrance and more inside to explore.

Well I get near to it and hear a really loud roar. Having had one cheeky encounter with the big red bastard earlier in the game (I went to the ship really early, and just saw the shadow of the big dude and shat myself and noped out of there, didn’t actually encounter it) I beelined it to a bit of dry land and found out I couldn’t get inside, so I braved it down to the seabed and started scanning things.


That’s when I here the roar again, look up and this giant thing is coming at me, swoops down and steals my Seamoth. My hearts racing at this point and I kinda hid under some debris and thought maybe I could get it back and run away but nope. The big cheeky bugger destroys my lil submarine with the nice new modules not 10 minutes after I got it. Had to swim back to my lifepod and I’ve called it a night now, but holy mother of god that was terrifying.

10/10 will go straight back on tomorrow

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