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Subnautica 5 - This game.

I went into this game almost completely blind. Holy shit, this game. I keep peeling away layers of the onion and each new layer is an absolute delight. So far I have had my mind blown by:

  • The beautiful starting area! I scuba dive, it was an almost but not quite familiar setting for me.
  • Nightfall and the transformation to the beautiful, bioluminescent expanse!
  • The stupid big fish with a long snout that hangs around in the kelp forest and likes shiny things! Even my camera drones! Those are mine, damnit!
  • The mountain hidden in fog! With the alien building on it! OH WAIT THAT’S NOT A BUILDING.
  • Minisub!
  • The id*otic fish that keeps attacking my minisub but isn’t strong enough to do any damage to it but makes the annoying bumping noise every time it tries.
  • The towering underwater trees with the glowing blue rays swimming around them!
  • The bigger, glowing versions of the brain corals, with electric fish swimming around them! I stumbled upon them while going deeper and boy are they pretty.
  • I found some kind of vent shaft underwater. What the hell is up with this planet!
  • An island that is held up by the mature version of those round gas filled things you can find holding rocks up. An entire. Fu*king. Island. With the wrecks and voice logs of some previous survivors.
  • I’m so into gardening now.

I also went to the wreck of the Aurora but it was all fire and crabs and I couldn’t be arsed. I’ll come back with extinguishers and food/medpacks.


Also, I’m infected?

A giant orange monster fish grabbed my minisub and tried to kill me while I was putting around the alien gun mountain island. No warning except this terrific roar and then he had me. He left my sub at 40% though so as long as I keep it maintained I guess I’m OK.

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The only thing that’s scared me so far are the purple things that look like they’re from starcraft – the hydralisks? They fu*king teleport in and shoot electric circles at you? They’re so out of place in this environment. I’ve not been hit by one of those electric circles and I don’t want to find out what happens if I am.

Glad I bought it, haven't had such a delightful time in a game for a long time.

Edit: in my excitement, I forgot to mention something a bit more sombre. I have apparently hunted the fish around my main base into extinction. No more big yellow spore releasing guys, no more peepers, bladderfish, and boomerangs. I am currently building a few aquariums to repopulate the area with the small guys but I just felt a bit guilty when I went out at night, saw nothing glowing, and realised that it must have been me and my hunting.

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