This is probably not going to be well-received, but now I’m even more worried

Subnautica 4 - This is probably not going to be well-received, but now I'm even more worried

I'm quoting a previous post where I went into detail regarding my concerns about the game's progress many months ago. I'm posting again because not only have the devs still failed to fix any of the problems I noted (and I don't expect they should see some random person's post and take it to heart, but these are views shared by many people), but they've actually managed to make the current state of the game a great deal worse, aside from the appreciated graphical and optimization improvements.

I encourage you to read the following quotation and then my additional notes and let me know if you think I'm way off-base in my assessments (as well as how).

"Regarding biomes… given way to biomes that don't feel like they have a lot of rationale behind them. Its possible I'm missing something, but the devastation of the crashed ship, the novelty of the acid/poison lake area, etc. all feel remarkably absent. Perhaps I'm just craving central focal points that have significant, reasoned effects on their surroundings.

Where the biggest problems lie, however, are with the sea truck. Yes, the modularity is nice, but adds nothing when you consider you could build within the cyclops. Sure, you can detach the modules to get a more seamoth-esque transport but it ends up being much slower and more unwieldy than the sea moth was. These issues are remedied a bit with upgrades, but they are by no means significant or sufficient enough to make up for everything the seatruck lacks.

Oh… the truck is also simply hideous in comparison to the design of the cyclops and the moth.

I would never complain without offering solutions so here are a few suggestions:

  1. Add more interesting focal points and bases to the game. The best part of the story so far, by a long shot, is the badass lady and her sick prawn suit and base.
  2. Scrap the truck. Everything that is added by the modularity could easily still be applied to the cyclops or to a new vehicle or two that are faster, have more space, etc.
  3. Make the navigable places on the surface clearer. I think a ran into the most annoyance while trying to navigate the surface on my hover bike.

Also, the the biggest issue with the truck is the prawn docking module. The cyclops dock was both amazingly cool (dropping as though out of orbit to the ocean floor never got old) and more functional than attaching the the back of the Pain Train.


I desperately want to love Below Zero when it releases but as it stands, I'm more likely to go back and play the original game a 5th time than to play Below Zero on release.

Oh… also, the hoverbike should be able to travel over water if we're not going to have an awesome sea moth to fly around in and to launch out of the water."

Now, all of those other problems aside, let's talk story:

Who the hell is directing and writing for this game? In the case of the director, how you can think it's rational to take an interesting opening that is finished, scrap it, and then have your team work on creating a new opening that is far too much of a rehash Subnautica's start is absolutely baffling. I sure hope the dev-team was well-compensated for their work on that insanity.

I've also got to ask how many writers the game has gone through and what they are thinking. I genuinely felt we were close, at one point, to a story and characters that were at least acceptable (not to mention a story and characters for which the VO was already pretty much DONE). Now? Now we're back to missing VO, a story that feels disjointed and clunky, and characters that are just not enjoyable.

Oh and poor, poor Robin and Sam. They've got so many issues that they're going to get their own post.

TL;DR – I'm really starting to wonder if this game doesn't have some corporate overlord imbecile helming it in the way that games and movies from big publishers and studios often fizzle and die thanks to centralized power snuffing out good ideas in favor of the bland, the easy, the comfortable, or simply due to stubbornness from a few individuals.

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