Thoughts on SBZ after 24 hours of playtime

Subnautica 1 - Thoughts on SBZ after 24 hours of playtime

Alright as many in this sub, I love Subnautica, Here are some of my opinions as a purely hardcore mode player:


  1. I actually like the Seatruck.
    1. It's not quite the seamoth or cyclops in terms of performance. But the modular configurations make it fun to customize.
    2. The modules are a balanced version of the cyclops, Yes a single storage module can't hold too much, but you can craft and dock multiple of them. It is not the broken mobile fortress Cyclops was in the first. I do miss the docking bay of the cyclops though.
    3. Mix and match as you need.
      1. Need to haul lots of mats to a new base? Pop on a bunch of storage modules and a fabricator module for any onsite crafts you might require.
      2. Going out resource gathering? Bring as many storage modules as you want, use the lever to undock them at your location to bring the sub to where you need to go and make trips to the undocked storage modules.
      3. Want a mobile home? Pop on 1 of each module(maybe 2 storage).
      4. Run into a leviathan class predators? Undock your modules for more mobility to run, in hardcore it's better to live and need to replace modules than it is to die and start over from the beginning.
      5. Going back to retrieve the modules after the leviathan incident? Pick up a docking module and bring your prawn suit to drive away the beast, reclaim the cargo and escape.
  2. The new base modules are nice, the large rooms are my favourite addition. As someone who tries to make alien containments for every species in a single base.
  3. Squidsharks are super cute.
  4. I like the changes to creepvines colouring, the red light is a lot less eye burning.
  5. The new passive leviathans are nice additions.
  6. Sea Monkeys.
  7. Surface ice is just as scary as I thought it'd be when you're stuck under it with next to 0 oxygen and nothing else to do but drown.


  1. Anyone coming from Subnautica will need to learn the new recipes for items that existed there.
  2. No good way to exit a fabricator with esc or e, you instead need to left-click outside any buttons. I am still not used to this and keep hitting esc to leave the fab.
  3. Small map, not much to expand on here it's just very small. I know this wasn't meant to be a full sized standalone game so I give it some leeway on this.
  4. Too much hand holding on the alien artifact locations. Sure it's nice to get a few of them, but my HUD is full of the locations after a few hours and it really takes away from the exploration. I feel like I'm doing fetch quests.
  5. Snowfox can't go overtop the water. I was expecting it to be the speedy map travel at the cost of it only going over the surface. The first time I used it I was expecting to use it for quick rides to the land bases.
  6. Only the starting land area has no human infrastructure on it, just your crashed ship. I wanted to make a land/sea base on an unused island, unless I missed one that is empty in the time I played all of them had other alterra bases on them.

These are my thoughts after about a day of playtime total. I'm gonna hold off for the 1.0 release at this point and start fresh then.

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