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Subnautica 2 - Thoughts on the latest version

Obviously voicing the game makes a huge difference. I'm fine with the voice acting and I actually dig the change in the PDA voice. I know a lot of people complained about it but I saw someone post earlier that Robin worked for a different company so it kinda makes sense that the voice is different. That's believable enough for me. Other than the addition of voices, I don't see much difference between the Stranger Pings update and this one. That said, there's things I would like to see changed:

  1. The snow fox. I didn't use it much on my previous save file but I've been using it extensively in this update. I didn't think I'd hate any vehicle more than the sea truck but here we are. I hate that driving it is such a pain in the ass. I would much rather have the mouse do free look and the keyboard control turns. As it is right now, the mouse controls turning direction and head movement and it sucks ass. I don't mind that they limited head movement but I hate that i need to move the mouse in the direction I want to turn. I don't like that the A & D keys are essentially in "strafe" mode instead of doing a turn. I guess they were trying to mimic how the water vehicles move but it doesn't work as well on land. The sluggishness of the turn underwater feels organic. I don't expect a lightweight hover bike to be that sluggish in turns.
  2. Speaking of the snow fox, it's designated a "hover bike" in the game. If that's the case WHY THE HELL DOES IT ATTRACT THE SNOW WORM SO GODDAMNED MUCH?? Every 5-10 seconds I'm getting attacked! Does the attack reduction upgrade actually work? I found the data box for it but rage quit after the 10th attack by the snow worm and didn't get around to building it.
  3. They still haven't balanced the resources on the Glacial Spires biome. Still way too much silver and copper and not enough of anything else. I guess you could argue that the lack of titanium is deliberate in that they don't want you building too much on land. Unless it's just my luck that this playthrough has limited titanium on the land biomes. Resource distribution still needs a bit of tweaking for balance. Also, the weather needs to be recalibrated. A blizzard every two minutes is annoying.
  4. Please for the love of god bring back the first aid kit fabricator. PLEASE.
  5. I see that they added some storage to the sea truck storage module but still not nearly enough for the space they have in it. Also, the fabricator module needs more storage too. That empty wall above the bench is such a waste of space.

I guess that's enough for now. Still enjoying this game, but it definitely would benefit from some tweaks.

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