Tips for new players

Subnautica 2 - Tips for new players

I'm gonna try to keep this spoiler free, with but non-special creatures and objects commonly encountered when starting WONT be spoiler tagged, so read with caution.

  1. In a bad situation, Creepvine can be cut and eaten for minimal food and water.
  2. Doing sharp turns will lead off the terrifying kamikaze fish.
  3. Movement and oxygen efficiency are greatly decreased below 200m, so equipment that counteracts that is a good priority when ready to explore.
  4. You can usually lure away stalkers with scrap metal, clearing an area.
  5. Caves are a good place to find that pesky limestone.
  6. Reefbacks sometimes carry barnacles, which have various resources in them.
  7. Scanning fragments you already have the blueprint for will give you two titanium.
  8. Peepers are easier to catch if you swim at them from the side.
  9. The only way to get over your fear of Reapers is to face them, so going to where you know they are and being mentally prepared for them will help.

-SPOILER AREA BELOW- Description of what it is about will be next to the tag, if you you only want to know specific things I tried to keep descriptions vague yet summarizing.

  1. Sand sharks won't follow you to the surface. so swimming up is a good evasion tactic. Creature escape, small class

  2. Reapers will have a hard time catching you if you turn every now and then while being chased. Creature escape, large class

  3. Reapers hunt by echolocation, so if you hear its roar it knows you're there. Creature avoidance, large class

  4. Stalkers can be tamed by feeding them peepers, they will be friendly for a bit and bring scrap. Taming

  5. When building deep bases, bioreactors and lantern fruit trees are your best friends. Deep base power

  6. Most vital biomes have reapers guarding them, so it's best to get over that fear quick. Why you should get over your big fish fears

Hopefully this helped someone progress, or at least helped them get more comfortable with the game, Thanks for reading.

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