What were your weird emotions when you ‘beat’ Subnautica?

Subnautica 9 - What were your weird emotions when you 'beat' Subnautica?

I have every achievement and all story progression except launching my Neptune (please don't spoil what happens next 🙂

I'm really curious what emotions you all felt when you stood in Neptune cockpit and the only thing left to do was press the 'Launch Neptune' button? How many hours did you play after you had the option and before you actually launched?

For me a weird transformation happened. It started with sublime, euphoric experience I had with the majestic, gentle Sea Empress Leviathan. My transformation climaxed when when my Neptune confronted me with the freedom to leave. For the first time I stopped efficiently chasing utility and survival and started 'luxury' construction to my base.

I took my first screenshots in the game so that my time capsule would be just right even though no one would ever see it. I filled the limited cargo space on the Neptune with carefully selected biological specimens to share with the outside world. I thought I was preparing to leave…

But now that everything's ready, I instead build my first observation bubble on my base. I'm hatching my first eggs in my first alien containment. I even took my Cyclops and Prawn to another biome to harvest more quartz to build a better base…. Even though, theoretically, I'll leave this base very soon and never see it again…


I think it was because the positive interaction with the Sea Empress Leviathan was SO unexpected. Such a satisfying catharsis and calm that relieved all the survival anxiety that gnaws on your for most of the game. And I had the resources banked to build my Neptune when I returned to the surface. So my ability to leave the planet thrust into my game less than an hour after her Sea Emperor offspring cured me.

Now, with nothing left to do I'm really torn between leaving on Neptune, or puttering around my garden like an old retiree living out their twilight years… I almost want to die here more than I want to leave…. Of all the games that I've beaten, this has definitely had the most emotionally impactful ending which I suppose makes it the best game ending I've played. I never thought I would top the original Bioshock ending when all the little girls I saved were on my deathbed. But Subnautica and the Sea Empress surpassed it.

How did the ending feel for you? How long did you play between when you had the option to launch and when you actually launched?

Almost forgot, I have one final primary directive that I've never completed: I must draw c l o s e r . . .

EDIT: Also how many beacons are cluttering your map? I think I legit am up to 50 beacons or so…

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