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5 Positives And 5 Negatives of The Crew 2

The Crew 7 - 5 Positives And 5 Negatives of The Crew 2

I have had the game since launch and have put in over 200hrs and I don't get regret it one bit and to me its the best racing game I have played so I'm going to list my 5 positives and Negatives on the game:


  • Car Selection, even though there is only over 100 it has the best selection of cars for the least amount of cars in a racing game, only game so far to feature the amazing bugatti divo and egoista, the hypercar selection is the best in any racing game to date

  • Disciplines, I love all the disciplines in the game, even starting to like hovercraft after quite dubious start, I love the variation and you can choose which discipline you really want to focus on a particular day

  • Grinding, well someone will think how can grinding be fun, I like grinding to build my Icon level, currently sat at 730 and will be aiming to get to 1000 by the end of summer, I feel there is a goal to work with and I don't ever feel it a chore to do the same event over and over, yes sometimes it can be tedious and repetitive doing a event repeatedly but having a minimum play time over 1-2 everyday doesn't seem to bad

  • Car Sounds, I did a list of the best sounding cars and to me the car sounds for all the biggest cars are spot on, ivory tower have clearly improved massively from crew 1, for such a small development team they have done a far better job than the development team at forza horizon 4 which is saying something, ivory tower listened to our feedback and improved the R34 Skyline to make it sound amazing which goes to show they do care about car sounds

  • Live Xtreme Series, I love what they have done with this and the ability to change different vehicles in mid race, the voiceover even though quite cheesy is really good, the buildings changing like in the movie inception is really cool, love to see more of these being updated



  • Lack of Events, there is currently 197 events in the game which is not enough, Off Road and Pro Racing have been completely neglected as these are some of peoples favorite disciplines, the Street racing discipline that was updated was great and the same needs to be done with other disciplines, Powerboat/Motorcross/Jetsprint/Air Race/Aerobatics/Monster Trucks have had NO new events added since the game being released which is extremely poor which ivory tower need to really focus on

  • No Iconic Buildings, the crew 1 have so many authentic buildings which was really cool, towns like Chicago/Washington/San Fransisco/St Louis/Salt Lake/New Orleans/Dallas are pretty much non existent and have no events, these cities need to be updated and was a poor decision from ivory tower to ignore these cities in the game

  • Some Cars Sound Off, Cars like Pagani Huarya/Audi RS5/Acura NSX Street Variant/Hellcat to name a few sound dreadful which is a shame as the car sounds were a positive which were mentioned earlier, those cars need updating as soon as

  • Graphics, sometimes the graphics can been seen as poor, pop in and blurry road texture are to name a few, the game has been updateded but night time being too light is a poor choice, night time was excellent when the game was released so why was it changed

  • Online Only, I don't like this idea of always being online to play the game even the single player, this was a poor decision from ivory tower

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