The Crew 2

A Logical, Realistic Take on Making the Crew 2 an Overall better Game.

The Crew 4 - A Logical, Realistic Take on Making the Crew 2 an Overall better Game.

As someone who enjoys TC2, but sees alot of the problems with it, and sees others complaining about these problems, I've wished IVT/UBI would make some logical changes to the game that would really change it while not being extremely complicated.

So I figured I'd post my thoughts on what I think could be done to improve the game. I won't say they need to change the entire map or add a bunch of cars in. Everything here will be minor tweaks and small content editions along with existing content, that would improve the world as well as organization.

Bugs, Glitches and General Problems

This game is well known for having a large amount of problems, long load times, etc. Obviously all of these bugs need to be fixed, and the UI needs massive tweaks. Cars with screwed up handling or improper badging/markings/stats need to be fixed. This is all a given.

Racing and Vehicle Classes

This is the Big One for me, and I believe that a serious re-structure of this games classing and racing system is needed. I'll go by Family.

Street Racing Tweaks

  • Move Drift Class to Freestyle

  • Either Completely Remove drag Class, OR have logical DR Class cars and Races. There's an actual drag strip in this game that doesn't get used. Make it an actual VS match with staging and such, not a time trial. On top of this, remove all the illogical drag cars like the CTR and such, and make them actually driveable on the road instead of pulling a near constant wheelie.

  • Split Hypercar Class in Hyper and Super. Move supercars from SR and HC to Super car class. Cars like the 458, Saleen S7, R390 etc. Leave S/R for GTs, Sports cars, Hatchbacks, Street Trucks etc and leave Hypercar for actual hypercars.

  • Move Off-road vehicles like the Raptor, Hummer, Wrangler etc to a class in Off-road (see below). Replace these with actual street trucks/SUVs.

Off-Road Tweaks

  • Create a Class for Off-road Street vehicles. Give these vehicles logical mods like bash bars, light bars, roof racks, snorkels, etc.

  • Moto/Raid/Rally are eliminated. Pull all bikes and buggies from moto cross and raid classes to make "Off-road Light" Class. Pull all cars and small trucks to make "Off-road Medium". Pull all larger trucks to make "Off-Road Large". Allow these classes to race mixed, ala Motorstorm.

  • Move JetSprints to off-road class (See Below)

Free Style Tweaks

  • Move Drift to Freestyle

  • Move JetSprints to Off-road.

  • Eliminate Demo Derby as a Class and move to Pro Racing (See Below)

Pro Racing Tweaks

  • Completely Eliminate Air Race Class. This is literally filler using stat-tweaked Versions of the stunt planes to do time trials.

  • Demo Derby Class is eliminated and made into Stock Car class (since the derby cars are all stock cars anyway) and utilizes the various ovals and dirt tracks around the map.

  • Touring Car Class is eliminated. The classic Cars will be placed into "Classic Racing". The GT Style cars will be placed into GT Class. Cars like the FXX-K will be placed in "Track Specials". Bikes get a racing bike class. Oval-styled cars go into stock car class (silverado touring car for example)

  • Create new Endurance Races around areas of the map for these new classes, with blocked off roads, pit lanes and tire/fuel wear.

World Tweaks

Basically parts of the map that could be tweaked, and mild content and world additions that would make the game come alive.

  • add semis/big rigs to traffic. Why there are several different modeled semis and trailers, but not in traffic, is beyond me. The assets already exist.

  • make night time actually dark. Night time is way too bright.

  • for the above item, make headlights actually bright, and let us toggle low beams or high beams.

  • add in world events. By this I mean just little AI things. Police cars speeding down the road, crashes with emergency vehicles. Moving construction zones. Things that make the world feel a little more alive.

  • bring back cars/parts to find from TC1. TC2s map is largely empty outside of finding loot crates. Give us a reason to explore. Add in cars or car parts to find like TC1 had. Possibly, add items like moving trucks with cars to find, or roaming racers we can race to keep their car.

  • last, and final point: make it so it doesn't snow across the entire map. By this I mean essentially drawing a line down the middle of the map longways and have snow above, no snow below. This would, as warped as TC2s map is, be relatively accurate to weather in the US.

Any other questions, ideas? I won't pretend to understand game design but I feel like if they were to remake The Crew 2 today, these would be some generally favorable things to do to make an overall better game.

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