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Advice on what can be done late-game

The Crew 7 - Advice on what can be done late-game

Hi All,

I have been thinking really hard about this, but I need some help deciding, and this will likely determine my future in this game – is there ANY way to buy past motorpass and summit reward cars, even with CC? If not, have the devs given any indications of being able to buy them in the future?

I have finished every event (including MANY New York races in order to grind hypercars), and I have finished almost every hard and ace as well. However, I am still unable to get anywhere CLOSE to platinum in summits (I have a feeling those at the top stay at the top due to some unknown mechanism, be it skill or game mechanic, and are probably LEAGUES ahead of me in every respect with regards to skill, even with my current basically-maxed-out vehicle situation). I only just got gold a couple weeks ago. I am working on getting better, but it is starting to get boring, doing the same exact event without any significant improvement in the rankings. I can only see collection completion as a goal otherwise, and that requires the above, from what I have seen so far.

I have done a few levels of the new Hunt, but I am still a Free player, since I didn't have anywhere near the 80k required to start it. I have been trying to play as free-to-play as possible, but it is getting to the point where the only way to proceed, it seems, is to get summit platinums.


I am not writing this to complain – far from it, this game has provided me with many hours of joy, action, and super-fun driving. However, I fail to see where I go from here in even the long-term (short term would probably be get good at summit-type stuff, but my current schedule prohibits any more time than I am spending already). Does anybody have any advice they can give me in terms of what there IS to do in my situation, and more importantly, is there anything else besides this content I have already mentioned to do late-game? If not, I fear it may be time to park it for a while and come back in a year or two, maybe pick at the few non-platinum skills in TC1 in the meantime and get a few more cars to 1497 over there.

Message to the Developers (I know they probably won't see this, but why not):

Thank you for developing this game series. It has been the most fun racing game I have played in my life. I take issue with the direction you are going with the increased level of paywalls and exclusivity as compared to TC1 (summit exclusives, Motorpass without earning it all back as examples), but outside of that frustration, the game has been superb. Regardless of whether I stay or leave the game, I cannot WAIT to see what TC3 has in store – I am interested to see your next iteration – Europe, perhaps? Russia? China? Who knows. I may not buy it upon release, but you can be SURE I will put it at the top of my list of games to check out.



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