The Crew 2

Car paint detail & improvements to make list

The Crew 1 - Car paint detail & improvements to make list

I know the Crew 2 doesn't have the best textures but i would like to see an improvement in textures at some point, specifically with the car body paints. Currently matte looks ok, Gloss looks alright, however it stops here, metallic car paint in the game does not have the glittery effect it should when you look closely at the car, like this:

If you look you can see the metal flakes on the paint giving it the glittery appearance, however in the Crew 2 this level of detail with car paint is not present. This should definitely be changed, it is most likely the textures need improving.

Now for Chrome

This is how chrome looks in real life:

You can see how well the chrome paint reflects the shapes and objects of the surroundings but of course this is real life not a game however in the Crew 2 this level of reflective surfaces is not as detailed as it should be when using this type of paint in the Crew 2.

How it looks in the Crew 2:


As you can see there are little reflections from this chrome BMW despite it being fully chrome, time of day can affect the reflections but ultimately there are not as good as they could be. In the crew 2 all paint colours reflect shapes and objects in a blurry way.

Further improvemts that need to be made to the Crew 2:

1 Car selection, not enough everyday cars , sedans, coupes,

2 Lacking variety in bikes: No scooters present

3 1 month for 1 vehicle :/

4 More detail needs to be made to all cities

5 Car tyres sinking into ground shortly after taking a jump

6 Persistent, random crashes (escpecially for PS4 users)

7 Lack of customisation options: ride height, tyre width, tyre primary and secondary colours, licence plates, horns, turbo kits, exhaust types.

8 One that annoyed me the most – No PvP game modes like the Crew 1: Blitz brawl, Crown, Infected, Elimination, Capture the Flag, i was hoping these would be added for the December 2018 PvP update that we waited 6 months for but it wasn't included.

9 Vehicel handling fixes, vehicles feel very drifty at times and handling needs to have some changes done to it not like the beta handling cars but better.

10 No freedrive challenges

11 Not enough text emotes

12 Lack of good radio songs

13 No NEW summit cars only the same cars with different modifications, please add new cars not the same car with different looks. Seriously please add new cars and not just 1 please.

This is my last appeal.

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