The Crew 2

Current state of the game (salt ahead)

The Crew 9 - Current state of the game (salt ahead)

PSA: This is my opinion and is not supposed to reflect the opinion/experience of everyone.

Where do i even start with this one.

I took a several weeks long break from The Crew 2, due to mediocre Summit rewards and overall feeling kinda tired of the game as a whole, i saw the new "The Chase" trailer and got interested again, i watched several of Akor_'s videos covering the update but i thought it's still fine it's a police update and you can't really F-that up can you?

Oh boy was i in for a surprise.

First i started making some money one day prior to the release of the update to buy all the cars that would come with the update, first thing i noticed, broken AI, yes i know many posts have been made about Scott and his ridiculous strength in some races, i beat him, i liked the challenge but then i checked the time he was driving, on PC he was driving a top 200 time in the Chaeyung event, let me say that again, a TOP 200 time, now the difficulty increase would be all good if the other AI racers would be the same, but they're not, so no Slipstream aka if you're in second and Scott is not in slipstream range he'll advance much quicker than you can catch up, has this been fixed in the latest update? No, no it has not.

Alright so Scott is broken, we already knew that, no big deal right? Is prob the only one right? Well, no, you see there is a Rally Raid Event where you drive through a swamp Baeyo or something like that is the event name, thought i give it a quick run to get a time on the leaderboards, did the race, flawlessly, no crashes, perfect line etc. didn't win the event, tried again, same result, i did beat this event before so i thought must be on me, that i just sucked all of a sudden, watched a YT video of the race, followed the video down to the letter, same result, i lost, i then switched my Nitro set with one that has the Muddy Perk maxed on all parts and i won, so basically the race is borderline impossible for everyone who doesn't have a full Nitro Chemist set with muddy perks on them, awesome, has this been addressed in the update? No, it has not.

Anyway, day of the update, i won't even get into the fact that 2 summit reward cars could be purchased for a short time and the maintenance extension, that happens in many games so let's just skip to the update and what it brought to the table shall we?

Let's start with the Battlepass, it's bs, it's p2w, not self-sustaining unlike other BPs and it features among the worst items i've ever seen, i do not care about those emotes, the shitty vanity items, the clothes, the CC, the money etc, i don't, i care about the cars, most of which are locked behind a paywall, ok but then i saw the only, not viable but literally the only option for f2p players, a Dodge, don't get me wrong, i don't dislike american cars but in the game they feel super clunky, have among the worst acceleration and feel really heavy, massive respect to everyone who drives them as their main cars in the game in every event, i can't, safe to say the SR category races were horrible, not fun in the slightest, my car sucks (IMO), enemies rubberband all over the place, if you take down 2 healthbars and enemy crashes against another car 10 secs after you don't get the takedown, if you crash them from behind they take only 2 bars of damage unless you hit them with a speed of >350km/h, if you're unlucky the physics will just slide the enemy over your car without taking any damage and some crashes kill your momentum completely giving the rubberband AI even more of an advantage, the mode favors parties to an insane degree, much more so than slipstream prior, the HC races were fun btw mainly bc the Veneno behaves completely different and is actually fast enough to takedown enemies in rapid succession even with the rubberbanding but that brings me to the next bad point, the Summit pack, usually when you go and select the summit bundle you get a vehicle to drive for every race, not the best but it gets the job done, this time, nope, Interceptor units are not part of the Bundle, you have to buy them on their own or in their very own Bundle which costs 1.8mil, awesome.


On top the police is only present in 4 different event races right now i think? No openworld police, no chases, hell there isn't even AI police in the events, it's just you, no police exclusive skills either like the ones you had in TC1, stuff like EMP etc, well tbf the events are just takedown events so skills like EMP etc would prob kill any difficulty that mode was supposed to have to begin with but still, the event races feel basically like Demolition Derby on a road instead of an arena, and even then DDs are more fun bc there you have perks that spawn that give you increased damage and whatnot, this chase mode just feels boring, uninspired, totally not fun unless you play with friends or get a better vehicle and kinda pointless, i really have no idea how you can f-up a police update that badly, they should have made the event the other way around, you are one of the bad guys and have to escape from the police, that would have been fun, not this Burnout in bad mode.

Now let's talk about how the game runs real quick, i can max out the graphics on my system and run the game at frame cap (60 for those who don't know), now like i said i did the summit and in one of the races you jump from a building and shortly after you enter a tunnel, the game started lagging like crazy, every second a freeze frame, i thought ok, might be one me, lowered my settings to literally the lowest, problem persists, i opened up MSI Afterburner and Task Manager on the second monitor and checked what might cause those microstutters, nothing, everything was chilling, several races later the game crashed, just like that, no error message, no lag, nothing, i checked and turns out my graphics driver crashed, i then went back into the race i did before, first race was fine, second race, microstutters, i shut the game down manually, GPU driver crashed, i went to get a Laptop, installed the game, ran the same race, first race fine, second race microstutters, quit the game, driver crashed, so it's not just my PC but multiple PCs and the same race that causes the driver crash.

This is it for now, like i said this is just my opinion and i know there are many posts like this already but i had to vent my frustration a bit, that was by far the worst update to this game so far, by a long shot.

I would include a TL;DR but i don't want to i think there's too much wrong with the game in too many different areas atm to boil it down to a single sentence.

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