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Dear Ivory Tower Developers: A love letter of suggestions and criticism all in the best interest of The Crew 2 and its players

The Crew 10 - Dear Ivory Tower Developers: A love letter of suggestions and criticism all in the best interest of The Crew 2 and its players

Before we begin I'd like to say I love this game and probably have an embarrassing amount of hours spent playing it to the fullest. Please take these points as constructive criticism for a game we're all passionate about that we'd like to see succeed.

Here are a few things I've found in the game that I would like to bring to your attention.


  1. Throttle Stuck on Impact: Whenever a car or a bike hits an object, the throttle gets stuck even when we lift off. This results on the tires continually spinning until it slows down enough to find grip. This deceleration should happen faster specially when we lift off the throttle and the wheels are touching the ground. By default, the behaviour should be set so that the car is treated as if the clutch is depressed and the engine is no longer sending power through the transmission. No stall. No wheel spin. Just immediately declining revs until we put the throttle on again.
  2. Drift Counter-steer: I’d really like to see an improvement in the drifting mechanics of the game. For the most part, it’s pretty fun to play, but there would be greater satisfaction if some form of counter-steer gameplay mechanic is implemented. Right now the drift steering is a bit lack luster. The wheels aren’t even facing the correct direction 90% of the time during drifts. This could be improved a lot.
  3. Headlights: The headlights are way too dim and don't reach out in front of the car far enough. It’s basically useless for night driving.
  4. Hard Landing Wheel Spin: When landing from a high elevation, the vehicles immediately go into wheel spin as if it was a crash impact even if the vehicle lands square on its wheels. (ie. high jumps with Monster Trucks). Seems to be tied to velocity with no account for trajectory.

Bugs: (PS4 Pro on 4K Display)

  1. Hard Landing Hiccup: It seems that the game hits a bottleneck when calculating physics during a hard landing from even just moderate jumps of a few meters. The game tends to lose frames, lag, and hiccup making it hard to control. It basically pauses half a second before the impact happens. This also negates the current input you’re applying and resets the car’s trajectory forward even if the lag happens mid turn/steering.
  2. Back on Track Inconsistencies: The back on track feature (in normal use) has an inconsistent time delay. Sometimes it’s instant and other times it takes about 6 seconds; up to 12 seconds in a worst case scenario. This is problematic during races, specially in PVP.
  3. Far and Beyond Shopping UI: Switching between the Bundles and Vanity tabs causes the interactions to not function in the Bundles tab. In order to be able to interact again, I have to navigate to one of the other tabs.
  4. Steering Wheel Latency: I know this one is already on your to-do list and is pretty self explanatory. My wheel is the Thrustmaster T300rs GT. I will leave it at that.
  5. Photo OP Live Contracts: Even after the patch that fixed photo sharing and posting, the live contract for photo ops still can’t be completed.
  6. Photo Mode Time of Day: Two things are happening here. One, going through the times of day is glitchy. It does half hour steps but it goes back and forth one step forward, one step back, two steps forward and so on. This happens in both directions. Secondly, setting the time of day never results in the correct actual time of day. Those golden sunrises, pink afternoons, and pitch black midnights are missing.
  7. Wheels on Monster Trucks: This is another two-part issue. Firstly, the way the wheel rotates doesn’t match the road speed of the vehicle. Of course, it's technically unnecessary to match the actual road speed as long as the perception is that the wheels are spinning at a speed that’s acceptable. That said, it’s clear that the monster truck wheels don’t spin quite fast enough at speed. Secondly, the way the graphics on the sidewall of tires scale up on the monster truck is quite unpleasant. It would be nice if the texture was more adaptive to avoid looking ridiculously stretched.

Quality of Life / Feature Request:

  1. UI Responsiveness: The UI is very sluggish. Part of that is simply some bottleneck that affects the UI responsiveness and the other part is some unnecessary animations which don’t really add anything to the UX. This is both for the in-game menus and the map. Frankly, the animations seem to exist only to cover for the slow menus.
  2. UI Organization: The UI is feeling pretty bloated at its current state, specially for end-game players. There is so much to click through just to get to the content you want. The race events for street, for instance, is a long horizontal list of events and it takes forever to scroll through. It’s the same experience with the vehicles. There is a filter, sure, but there’s so many interactions in the way of the users choosing a vehicle and getting back into the game.
  3. Events for Other Disciplines: The other disciplines are sorely lacking events. I’m sure you’ve done data analysis and found that most players play street races the majority of the time and so focused on that. It’s sad to see the other events not get as much attention. I would love to have monster trucks, boats, off roaders, etc. to have more activities to play with.
  4. Avatar/Character Change: I feel like I speak for most of players by saying I’d like to have the ability to pick a different character while maintaining all of my progress. Good job on the diversity of selection though.
  5. Instant Change in weather/ToD when Exiting Menus: More often than not, when I’m in the menus customizing / upgrading my vehicle or just doing some inventory management, the game instantly changes weather or time of day. This happens even if I’ve only spent about a minute in a menu.
  6. Wheel Customization: A choice of 86 wheels, I have to admit, is plenty. Even still, after a few years of playing, the selection has become dull and uninspiring. A new set of wheels would be nice. Wheel customization is also very limited. It would be welcome to see different materials and a fine tune to the colour swatches. Even adding a wheel offset setting to the existing wheels can exponentially increase the customization experience.
  7. Music: This one costs a lot of money in licensing and a good portion of players don’t even have the radio turned on. However, for us who do use the radio, two years with the same track list has gotten old. I do appreciate the few, new music tracks added for specialty events though.
  8. HQ / House Spawn Point: It would be nice to spawn into different HQs instead of just the street one. Same story for the houses even though there’s only two that are accessible. Perhaps control it by way of proximity from the last event played.
  9. ICON Points: Receiving one Icon Point every three Icon Levels after LVL650 is quite frustrating specially when it’s so obvious that it’s a coding oversight. The code clearly is still awarding icon points but it’s going to an “unknown” category because Vehicle and Gameplay categories have already been completed. Please fix this.
  10. Rewards Grind Experience: The game is so grindy since everything is left to chance to upgrade your vehicle with randomly dropped loot. It is also a chore to save up $Bucks since most races just don’t reward enough. This is specially true for anything outside of hypercar street discipline. Not only is there less money in other disciplines, there is also less loot even with the loot digger set equipped. This results in a balancing issue when comparing rewards between disciplines.
  11. Loot Drop Rebalance: There is an imbalance in the rarity of high level loot drop. Clearly the Fame Magnet, Score Breaker, and Live Reward Sniffer are heavily weighted in chance more than the Nitro Chemist and the Loot Digger. While I definitely see the reason for this, I still feel like an increase in the chance of receiving Nitro Chemist and Loot Digger would be nice.
  12. Affix Recalibration Price: The game is hard enough to grind for loot. Recalibration at $16,000 is way too steep. This just sucks the fun out of the game and compounds the issue with saving up $B when the events are lacking in that reward already.
  13. PS4 Button Remap Config: I mean… it's 2020. We're onto the next generation of consoles. Button remapping should be a standard feature at this point. L1 and R1 for gear shift – no thank you.

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