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Early thoughts on the Ferrari F12 TdF and Mustang GT RallyX.

The Crew 6 - Early thoughts on the Ferrari F12 TdF and Mustang GT RallyX.

So, the F12 TdF was probably the easiest unique car to win. GG Ivory Tower for using the wrong image in the Summit rewards screen. Anyways, these are some of my early thoughts after using both cars for a few races. I haven't been able to use them in multiplayer, because Xbox, but I've been playing the game for a while, am relatively familiar with the META cars, so I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about. Also, this is written assuming both cars are at their max ranks.

So early on, they key strength of the F12 TdF is its acceleration. It's a very solid and consitent force. It's seems to be at its strongest up until 140-150 MPH, but the power loss after that isn't too bad. It'll hold steady at 278-280 MPH, and doesn't really stop accelerating until around 282. However, the F12 TdF has a pretty low top speed. Even at full boost and with drafting, it tops out at 295 MPH, which I believe is the lowest top within the Hypercar category. It also has a noticeable amount of wheelspin off the line, even with traction control.

The F12 TdF's biggest weakness, however, is its handling. At max rank, the default tune is absolutely horrible. It will understeer at pretty much every turn by default. This is definitely a car that benefits greatly from adjusting its Pro Settings. That being said, even with adjustments, it's still not great. It's high-speed understeer can be eliminated, but the low-speed understeer is still very much present. It seems to have the same problem as the 488 Pista where, if you turn into a corner and have the wheels at max lock for too long, the wheels will "lock up," and won't straighten out as quickly when getting out of a turn. I've also noticed that its turn-in rate is pretty poor as well. The angle it can get to in a corner is solid (similar to the 488 and Divo, actually), but the amount of time it takes can easily ruin races.

Verdict: 7/10. Not completely useless, but not super competitive, although I feel like a really good player can make it perform well. It's acceleration keeps it middle-of-the-road within the Hypercar class. And, as far as prize cars go, it is miles better than the Magma Divo.


The Mustang GT Rallycross, on the other hand, is more of a diamond in the rough. Again, by default, it's pretty crap. In turns, it tends to powerslide heavily, so you'll probably be close to the outside or hitting the wall by corner exit. It has a high amount of low-end tourque, which isn't surprising, but it does mean that it has heavy wheelspin, which is further exacerbated by NoS. Do NOT boost at corner exit between 1st and 3rd gear, because all that power will go to waste. The wheelspin also means that it's pretty slow off the line.

Once you mess with the Pro Settings, you get a lot more speed out of it. All I had to do was stiffen the ARBs, give it the max negative camber and slightly lower the drift assist and it was a completely different car. Adjusting the Aero made it more planted in high-speed turns, which made it easier to take advantage of the monster acceleration. It also has a 6-speed gearbox, meaning that you're almost always in the optimal powerband for the car. You want to keep your slides as shallowas possible, as too much angle will cause the car to wash out, and it's recovery out of big-angle drifts is a little lackluster. That being said, I was able to beat my previous record on the American Petrol race by a good 4 tenths, which I previously set with my GT3. Considering how bipolar the GT3's handling is, I can't 100% say if the Mustang is truly that good.

Verdict: 8.5/10. I'm pretty confident that the Mustang is one of the fastest Rallycross cars. It's too early to tell if it's faster than the GT3 RS or the Citroen, but it's definitely capable of hanging with them. If you let the car wheelspin too much, you're going to lose a lot of time.

Like I said, these are early thoughts, and I'm curious what others think. Perhaps I'm completely off-base with my assessments?

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