The Crew 2

Europe, Canada, or a Revamped America?

The Crew 7 - Europe, Canada, or a Revamped America?

With next-gen finally here, I think it may be a good time to start to speculate about a third crew game, and what should be in it. While many things can be fixed/removed/added, I want to have this post discuss the map in particular. The map had been the same, give or take a few things, since the first Crew game, and I feel that to keep the series fresh and alive, that a new, or at least updated, map is needed. For this, I propose three ideas:

-Europe: This would be exactly what it sounds like, with a map spanning majority of the European continent, with possible island expansions to Sicily, Ireland, Corsica, or Cyprus in the future. My only concern with this is that Europe is EXTREMELY diverse in terms of architecture and linguistic differences, with certain countries driving on different sides of the road than others. This, I feel, may make development of the game longer, if certain countries or regions need to be more defined than others. For instance, you should know when you are driving within the Bavarian motorways of Germany, or alongside the mountain roads running alongside the Aegean Sea in Greece, or driving through the crowded city streets of London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Moscow, Birmingham, Amsterdam or the many other cities within the continent.

-Canada: Canada could be a pretty good choice for the next Crew game, and could have a map that somewhat resembles the size and landscape of the current map. Roads are for the most part the same throughout the country, and architecture and city street patterns are relatively the same throughout the country, with Quebec being a little different, but not by too much. My concern for this map is that Canada is also comprised of many populated islands without bridge connection (Vancouver Island, Labrador, Prince Edward). In addition to this, large portions of the northern territories (Yukon, Northwest, Nunavut) as well as the Hudson Bay coastline are inaccessible by road, leaving the devs to have to come up with a solution as to how to reach these parts of the map. Other than that, I feel Canada may be an excellent choice.


-An Expanded United States: Obviously, the franchise has been set in a scaled-down version the continental United States. Hear me out, what if the original map was edited, leaving locations from the original map, but adding land in other areas to make new landforms or cities that were left out from the first two games. There were obviously certain cities that were left out from the original game, including Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Memphis, Charleston, and my home city of Atlanta. But, in addition to these, entire landforms were overlooked, including the Great Smoky Mountains, The Ozarks, The North Carolinian Outer Banks, The Shenandoah Valley and the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. My only concern with this map is that it may be much bigger and take up more storage, but then again, this would obviously be released on next-generation consoles, with better storage and performance capabilities than the consoles that the first two Crew games were released on.

So, just vote in the poll below, because I actually am really interested in what other people think about this. Thanks lmao

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