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The Crew 9 - FAQ

Q: Can you make a memes or shitposts?

A: No.

Q: Are moderators or founders Ubisoft employees?

A: No. We are fans, just like you.

Q: Can I be a Moderator?

A: We are currently not accepting any more moderators at this time.

Q: Can I sell cars in The Crew and The Crew 2?

A: No. There is no need to sell cars because you have an unlimited garage space.

Q: What does the Season Pass for The Crew 2 contain?

A: Everything the Season Pass contains is shown in this overview
Season Pass - FAQ

Q: Why don't the rear view mirrors work properly in The Crew 1 and The Crew2?

A: Watch this stream vod where the Com Dev for The Crew explains the reason

Q: How do i exit The Crew 2?

A: Open the Tool Menu and hold down on Quit Game (XBox controller – Y / PlayStation controller – Triangle / Keyboard – B)

Q: Where is there a Discord to chat about the game and to look for people to play with?

thecrew - FAQ

Q: What are the steering linearity / deadzone / clamping settings for?

A: Check out explanation by Sanu on those thing

Q: Will there be police in The Crew 2?

A: No, In the chase they introduced Vault Security though.

Q: Why is not in the game? It was in the cinematic trailer.

A: The cinematic trailer is not representative of actual gameplay. This has been the case for cinematic trailers since forever.

Q: What do the Affixes do, and what are the minimum and maximum values for them on parts?

A: credit to SmokaNeTkktPas for stats, to RaceMasterDave for providing the description and suggestions of with what to use it with.

Q: I got platinum in the summit, where are my rewards?

A: Rewards are distributed after the weekly summit.

Q: What time do Summits end?

A: The Summit ends every week at 4AM BST Wednesday.

Q: What time does the next Summit begin?

A: The next Summit begins 1 hour after the previous one ended. 5AM BST Wednesday.(edited)

Q: What do all of these Pro-Settings do? How to tune them right?

A: Here is a detailed list that explains how all of the Pro-Settings work on all of the disciplines. credit to Chris

Q: Where is the Mailbox?

A: There is a mailbox in every HQ, it is a large black shipping container. The easiest one to find is in the Street Racing HQ at the back next to the Summit leaderboard.

Q: Where is the Fame leaderboard?

The Crew 22019 5 12 16 11 1 - FAQ The Hot Shots update replaced one of the Fame leaderboards with the Summit leaderboard but there is still one Fame leaderboard in each HQ. The easiest one to find is in the Street Racing HQ on the top floor opposite the Live Battle tent.

Q: I missed my chance to get the vehicle for reaching platinum in summit. Can i buy it later?

A: No. Summit vehicles will remain exclusive to the summit. These vehicles will return later again in future summits, but will still require you to reach platinum.

Q: What is the next update?/Is there any info on the future of the game?

A: We post news in this subreddit all the time, usually the top sticky posts. Keep a lookout.


Q: What does recalibration do?/What are spare parts used for?

A: Check out @Don.B. 's video for an in depth explanation.

Q: Will there be / Where is the season pass vehicle drop?

A: The current season pass content has concluded. It contained 22 vehicles post launch and those vehicles have now all been delivered.

Q: Is this subredit server official?

A: Yes and no. It is advertised and verified as a official influencer community. Devs and Community team lurking, but it is moderated and managed by the fans.

Q: What is the fastest/best vehicle


SR (car) – Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Rift Edition (Summit Exclusive), Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

SR (bike) – MV Agusta Brutale Dragster, MV Agusta F4RR, BMW S1000RR

HC Bugatti Divo, Bugatti La Voiture Noire, Nissan R390 GT1

SR (chase mode) – BMW M8 Competition Coupe Interception Unit

HC (chase mode) – Bugatti Chiron Interception Unit

DR Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

DF Mazda RX-7, RUF 3400K, BMW Z4

TC (car) – Lamborghini Gallardo Supertrofeo, Ferrari 599XX

TC(bike) – Ducati Panigale R

A Proto Alpha Mark X

AR Waco YMF-5D Super (Best Allrounder), Extra Aerobatics Planes 330SC, Zivko Edge 540 V3

PB Frauscher 1414 Demon (Races), Jaguar Vector V40R (Freemode Skill Slaloms)

RR(car) – Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi, Mini Countryman ALL4 Racing, Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Evo 1 Enforcer Unit

RR (bike) – Ducati Monster 1200 S

RX Cadillac Escalade Enforcer Unit, Mitsubishi Lancer WRC

MX Suzuki RM-Z450, Yamaha YZ450F

HT Proto Speedster

JS Proto Hornet

MT Ford Mustang GT, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Nissan Skyline R-34

AB Slick Aircraft 360HP, Harmon Rocket HRIII, Zivko Edge 540 V3

DD Fender Bulk, Fender Frontiera

Q: Does The Crew 2 feature cross platform play?

A: No

Q: Why does my posts not show up?

A: You need to establish your account with positive Karma in order to bypass the filter.

Q: What affixes should I put on my kits?

A: Nitro Chemist:

SR/HC Pure and Extra Pump

DR Pure and Frenetic

DF Slippery and Drifty (not an essential kit to have)

TC A PB Pure and Extra Pump

AR Pure and Gateway

RR/RX Pure and Extra Pump

MX Pure and Extra Pump and or Ventilated

HT Pure and Drifty

JS Pure and Extra Pump

MT Graceful and Gifted

AB Magnificent and Extreme Mode

DD Pure and Bulldozer

The Live Reward Sniffer: Collector and Sensor

Loot Digger: Goldfinder and Rich or Popular (the effect of Lucky is little to none)

Scorebreaker: Skilled, Pure and Extra Pump

Fame Magnet: Popular and Rich

Q: What is the best event for grinding money, followers and parts?


SR Harlem West, Motor Trend Classic Challenge

HC Hollywood

DR FDR Drive

DF Airport Terminal D (easiest, but all events have a 2 minute timer)

TC Jersey Everyzon Track

A Jersey City

AR Jersey City or Daytona

PB Über Dam

RR High Speed Drifter

RX Central Valley, American Petrol Race

MX White Mountains

HT Gold Rush

JS Maine Highlands Cave, Colorado River Banks

MT Wreck and Havoc

AB Push It to the Limit

DD The Ring, The Eight

Q: Why can't I buy the DMC-12 Rad Edition?

A: You can win it by completing the Miami Ride SR event.

Q: What does "Navigate anywhere anytime" challenge wants me to do?

A: Drive any boat for 20km / 12.4 miles since the challenge title is "Sailor".

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