The Crew 2

Final Thoughts on the Repeating of Summits

The Crew 2 - Final Thoughts on the Repeating of Summits

Prepare yourself, as this will be long winded and boring for those who don’t care about how summits are ran. Please read through this if you’ve seen any of my other posts or are just interested in my take on summits. This will be my last post here and it’s just meant to clear some things up. My opinion still stands; summit cars should, under NO circumstances, be repeated. I’ve seen no valid argument that PROVES to me that summit repetition has benefited, nor will benefit, the game in its current state. Veteran players are given nothing in this game and they’re now trying to take the summit from us. The concept of a game were the rarest vehicles are ones worth over $15’s irl is insane to me. The summit system is a great way to implicate rare and exclusive vehicles, yet they choose to drain such summits and their rewards of said rarity and value. Making summit cars purchasable will ruin the work of older players and deter many from summits as a whole. This type of limited exclusive period worked in The Crew 1 but I believe is impractical and unjust in The Crew 2 for many reasons. Some of those being the differences in player numbers and pre-warning’s in The Crew 1. While you may not feel the same way I do on summit’s and their rewards, at least admit that we NEED a completely new late game instead. Summits are meant to be won by the best of the best, NOT by 9,000 people. With a game so catered to casuals and new players we need to either push Ivory Tower to make a new late game, or demand they fix the one we already have. I know now I was too harsh in my last post about this but, DO NOT argue that it’s “too hard” because I will do it in 2 hours on a ALT. The reality of a Crew 2 with no scale of vehicle value and rarity is one that will come. So, I just ask, please work with me to get the devs to not just “add a Supra” and “Give more money” let’s make the better for everyone. I’ve tried to talk to this sub Reddit about this and y’all seem to not like me, so if this ain’t what y’all are about I’ll stop. This is the only place I can have my opinions on this heard, and I think it is important that the other OG players have their voices heard too. Again, I’m open for discussion but I’m not here to try and debate for 20 hours, I just want change. If what they say is true and seasons are coming this is the perfect time to make them change for us. Whether they change summits or make a new system, we need it! Thank you for reading this Essay, but I didn’t want it to be as aggressive as my last post and I feel I needed to explain myself. Thank you 🙏


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