The Crew 2

Ivory Tower is a neglectful game studio

The Crew 7 - Ivory Tower is a neglectful game studio

That probably seems like a cruel title but hear me out.

I bought the crew 1(tc1) on day one and all of the following addons, and imo its the best arcade racer of its gen when you look at what it offers. So silly me bought The Crew 2(tc2) thinking it would be a strong follow up and imo its a weak, tryhard of a game that has no identity, it honestly feels like IT put their all into tc1 and had nothing truly left for the sequel.

Now tc1 had issues, namely its performance especially on pc but other things too, and thats why I feel IT is a neglectful studio.

TC1 was a great looking game on release but like all games it wasnt pretty enough so they released the "wild run" update, which did buff up the looks alot until you really paid attention to it, the game went from an always sunny paradise to a never ending rain soakfest. Whats wrong is that the rain was broken and you could almost drive clear across the map with the same storm chasing you. Chasing you through deserts, over mountains etc. Then add on that some roads werent even wet! you can turn from a rain soaked main road and onto a bone dry dirt road til this day, go try it out.

Next up tc1 still has a stutter in its gameplay thats hard to explain because apparently some players are fine and because of that they must assume it doesnt exist although the forums are full of complaints about it.

I wont even go into the darkness issues, at one point lights worked, then they broke em.


How about one more glitch thats glaringly obvious and shouldnt exist(cause there's a bunch). dirt spec cars have a neverending tire mark following them while in motion, just imagine a burnout that never stopped. Its hugely noticeable but still there, why?

I guess the answer to why is that tc2 exists and is the new focus, and I answer that with this, IT has made 2 games, tc1 & tc2, the crew 1 is still on sale and sure its old but these devs are willingly selling a crippled game to its customers and you can look at this reddit to see why thats an issue. People buy tc2 then maybe realize it isnt good so they ask about the first game and players tell them "sure, its good and cheap, check it out" then that poor sap goes and buys a busted ass game.

Ivory Tower should at the minimum go back to their first game and give it ONE. FINAL. PATCH.

dont give it new cars or events, just fix whats known the most, hell if they just fix the stutter i'd call that a victory. so yeah, IT to me is a bum studio, theres others with an armory of games and they keep them at the minimum decently running, IT has 2 games on pretty much the same engine and leaves one high and dry, its wrong

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