The Crew 2

Just how low can IVT get? (rant)

The Crew 4 - Just how low can IVT get? (rant)

Having preordered the GOLD edition of this game for 80 of my precious bucks in blind faith that this game will be just as good, if not better, than The Crew 1, which I adore to this day, all I got in extra for the 20+ dollars I should've paid instead was some extra IGC rewards and a few days of early access to some cars for like 2 months and then nothing. Little did I know back then that I'd feel more and more sorry for that 80 dollars with every update.

The fact that vanity items are either locked behind summit rewards or paywalls (because CC is an irl paywall, even more so now that the daily contracts are gone) is already scummy af IMO.

"git gud lol" well guess what, I don't spend my little free time I have grinding events to hopefully get better parts from the RNG crates that are often lower level or have much worse perks than the parts I have. I'm not Akor_ to do 4-5hr long livestreams every day. And I'm no pro player anyway. I just want some neons on my car, like, y'know, how I had the option to do so in NFS UG2. Oh, even common grade neons can cost up to 20k CC? And you only have access to just certain vanity parts at a time? Miss me with that BS.

And now, even that little free source of CC is gone. Now, you even have to pay up to get the rewards you still have to work for. The new gameplay is just a sad copy of Hot Pursuit's hot pursuit gamemode. Just ram vehicles until healthbar drops to 0. Do that 12 times in an event, do 8 events and you're done. Oh, I meant 8×3, because for whateve reason, this game forces you to play it through 3 times, to get access to the highest difficulty, which gives the best rewards.


And I haven't even touched on the massive grinding issues this game has. It's insane. There are several disciplines where I have beaten all events on ACE difficulty, yet I'm nowhere near to a maxed out vehicle – as far as level goes anyway. And I'd still have to grind for epic/legendary parts over and over and over and over again. And if I even get one, it'd still need to have the perks I need. If not, I can just retune them, right? Sure, but with every retune, the price for retuning increases, even more so with rarer parts.

It's honestly sad to see that Ubisoft/IvT is pulling a Fallout 76 with this game – instead of fixing and improving what already is in the game, they put in more and more unfinished content in the game with each update, with more and more features of said updates locked behind paywalls. I don't mind mtx or paid DLC being in a game, as long as its sensible and you don't get massive disadvantages for paying up. But TC2 has gone awol from anything "sensible" with this update.

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