The Crew 2

Legendary Parts and perks. A guide to help others

The Crew 9 - Legendary Parts and perks. A guide to help others

Hello fellow racers, this is merely a guide to the legendary parts set and other questions giving insight of the following:

  • What are the legendary sets and their bonuses? How do I get the legendary parts?
  • Ideal perks for each legendary set (could port over to epic parts as well).
  • How will I know if it is worth rerolling the perks on parts?
  • Which set is best for what scenario?
  • What about the live summits and their set/boosted rewards?

My intent with this guide is the following:

  • Clear up any common questions about the parts
  • Help new players who are seeing these parts drop for the first time or help retuning players relearn the parts and their sets
  • Help make your opinion of perk rolls and combinations depending on class and event(s) more meaningful.

Giving the following bullet points, let’s get this started!

Legendary sets and Bonuses. How to get them

So, to open this guide we need to understand all the possible sets you can get and what set bonus are applied. Below will be every legendary set bonus you can get.

  • Nitro chemist – multiply the nitro duration by 2
  • Loot digger – multiply loot earned by 2 (max 10)
  • Fame magnet – multiply the followers earned by 2. Yes, it works when collecting live rewards as well.
  • Live reward sniffer – multiply the live reward density by 2. Downside, your car will become tied down to cache detecting only. You can still race but take advantage of the set bonus.
  • Score breaker – multiply points in skill-based events by 2. Events like Slalom, Buoy Catching, and low altitude. Refer to live reward sniffer.

Key thing to note, you will need every part legendary grade and all the parts matching the same set. I.E. you need every performance part equipped to have the same set for nitro chemist to obtain its set bonus. But the next question in line would be how to get these parts?

The legendary parts drop randomly, this mean as you expect, more grinding. Lucky for us, we can increase the drop rate by winning all the races we done on ace difficulty for the best chances. This however, requires the vehicle(s) to be near or at max performance. It is possible to obtain the parts without having max performance starts but it will make it just that harder to complete the ace racing. If you are skilled enough to do this, have at it. Otherwise you can wait until you get max performance, get lucky in normal or hard difficulty races with a lower drop chance, or sniff out live rewards.

Speaking of which, live rewards can also drop these parts. The higher grade the reward cache is, the better chances for you to obtain them. Side note, you can get a legendary cache which guarantees a legendary part drop. Do not be thrown off by the color of the cache. From a distance, the epic cache looks green, but it is flashing multiple colors (all the rarity colors). Another side note according to some players, lucky affects the drop chances for legendary parts. By how much I do not know but I will personally test this out to see if the lucky perk itself is working.

Knowing all the set bonuses and how to obtain these parts, let’s move on to the perks and which perks works best with which set bonus.

Perk break down and Ideal Perks to go for (depending on legendary set)

To understand which perk works with what set bonus, we need to understand every possible perk in the game. You can refer to the site here: . Here’s the breakdown of the perks in terms of Comfort (affecting nitrous, cash, live reward, and follower bonuses), Vehicle (affects bonuses like drafting, collision, and off-road issues), and Gameplay (Affecting drift bonuses, air race and aerobatics bonuses, monster truck and motocross bonuses):

  • Comfort
    • Rich – increase cash gained, +0.1% bonus per point. (unlimited points can be used no cap)
    • Popular – increase followers gained, +0.1% bonus per point. (unlimited points can be used no cap)
    • Goldfinger – Increase amount of loot drop, +0.1% bonus per point. (unlimited points can be used no cap)
    • Lucky – Increase loot quality. In other words, you can change the rarity drop chance. I.e. you see more epic (purple) drops than rare (blue) drops. +0.1% bonus per point. (unlimited points can be used no cap)
    • Extra Pump – Increase the speed at which the nitro gage refills. +0.2% per point. (25 point maximum cap)
    • Ventilated – increase the speed at which the nitro gage refills during jumps with vehicles not planes. +0.5% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Resourceful – Increase the speed at which the nitro gage refills while braking. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Frenetic – Nitro power increases overtime while in use. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Pure – Flat power increase to nitro. You’re making the nitrous a bit more powerful with this bonus. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Drifty – Increase the speed at which the nitro gage refills while drifting. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Tricky – Increase the speed at which the nitro gage refills while performing figures with planes. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Sensor – Increase radar range detecting live rewards. +0.6% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Collector – Increase live reward frequency apparition. What they mean to say, increase the rate at which the live rewards frequently appear. +0.1% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
  • Vehicle
    • Bulldozer – Increase the collision impact force. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Bumper – Increase the vehicle’s avoid tolerance. Makes it easier for you to avoid head on collisions. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Shifty – increase slipstream (drafting) power. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Air intake – Increases the distance you can slipstream. +0.6% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Drag bump – increase speed while ahead of a vehicle. You’ll go faster while ahead of a vehicle, faster acceleration. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Rear Drag – increase distance detection of Drag bump. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Muddy – Decrease off-road bumps and deceleration. Yes, this also works on off-road vehicles. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Bender – Increase the player’s bonuses for bikes. You move the left analog stick forward while on the bike to bend, giving you better acceleration and deceleration when leaning the analog stick backwards while braking. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
  • Gameplay (Must needs)
    • Hothead – increase the speed multiplier in drift events. In other words, the faster you drift, the faster the score builds up. A MUST NEED FOR DRIFT EVENTS! +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Slippery – increase the maximum score multiplier in drift events. You can go over a 100 times multiplier. A HIGH PRIORITY NEED OVER HOTHEAD FOR DRIFT EVENTS! +1 to max multiplier per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Magnificent – increase scoring in aerobatic events. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Extreme Mode – (oh god explaining this perk and what it does. This took me a lot of trial runs) Increases the efficiency of this mode for all planes. While holding down square for ps4 and x for xb1, you are increasing your rotation speeds. +0.5% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Gifted – increase scoring in monster truck events. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Graceful – Increasing the rotation speeds for both monster trucks and motocross vehicles. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Skilled – Increase scoring for all point-based skill. This skill rose to popularity quickly thanks to the release of summit events. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Perfectionist – Increase gate angle allowance in air race events. This makes hitting the perfect figure through gates easier. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
    • Gateway – You’ll gain back a set percentage of nitro when passing the gate perfectly in air races. +0.4% per point. (25 point maximum cap).
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I apologize for the perk breakdown, but it is better to show each one with some additional words than just have people figure it out by themselves. We can now show each perk suggestion for each legendary set. This is all for interpretation and up to you to pick your own perks. The following is merely meant to help jumpstart some suggestions. This is just a broad overview:

  • Nitro chemist – multiply the nitro duration by 2
  1. Extra Pump – Get that nitro back faster overall
  2. Resourceful – Might as well get more while braking
  3. Pure – Makes the Nitro more powerful
  4. Frenetic – increase power overtime per second
  5. Drifty – might as well get nitro back while drifting
  • Loot digger – multiply loot earned by 2 (max 10)
  1. Lucky – increase the loot quality. Go more for epic and legendary loot
  2. Goldfinger – increase the amount of loot you get but keep the max of 10 in mind
  3. Extra pump
  4. Pure
  5. Resourceful
  • Fame magnet – multiply the followers earned by 2
  1. Popular – Yes this works. So, say you earned 32,000 followers from the New York Hyper event and you had popular at 45%. Do 32,000 * .45 which gives you an additional 14,400 added onto your base. Your new base is 46,400 followers. Now imagine you had fame magnet. Multiply the new base by this amount. You now have earned 92,800 followers but it takes you on average 29 minutes to complete this event (this event is cross country).
  2. Extra Pump
  3. Pure
  4. Resourceful
  5. Rich – Might as well gain a few more bucks for your troubles.
  • Live reward sniffer – multiply the live reward density by 2
  1. Sensor – Depending on base detection, this gives a percent more. Look at popular and fame magnet for an example of how these two perks harmonize
  2. Collector – Make those caches appear more!
  3. Lucky – It affects the loot dropped from these caches
  4. Goldfinger – Might as well try to get more loot from them while you are at it
  5. Extra Pump
  • Score breaker – multiply points in skill-based events by 2. Events like Slalom, Buoy Catching, and low altitude.
  1. Skilled – refer to the fame magnet and popular perk example. Again, harmony of the set bonus and perk choice.
  2. Extra Pump
  3. Resourceful
  4. Pure
  5. Frenetic

Is it worth rerolling the perk choices on my part(s)?

Short Answer, TL: DR version: Yes, roll until you get your desire perks. God/perfected roll or not.

Long Answer: Yes, up until a certain point where the cost to get the perk outweighs the benefits. To reroll, you need cash and Spare Parts. Well the first question becomes how do we get said parts? You have 3 options:

  • Option 1 – Scrap current parts
    • Legendary/gold parts scrap for 1200 each.
    • Epic/purple parts scrap for 480 each.
    • Rare/blue parts scrap for 240 each.
    • Common/green parts scrap for 120 each
  • Option 2 – Buy them
    • Depending on packs you can use in-game cash or crew credits
  • Option 3 Live summit events
    • This isn’t reliable due to the nature of live event rewards. But, these come in as a silver-based reward more times than naught

Second question is why should I stop rerolling at a given point? The cost continues to go up every time you roll the dice, pull the lever, big/little blind, etc. Also, you are not guaranteed to get the perk you want, yet along with the perfected stats. Be mindful when rerolling. From personal experience, it is best to reroll Epic and Legendary parts since they give you the highest maximum bonuses for the perks. Again, make sure to have enough cash and spare parts on you before going wild for God rolls.

Which Legendary set is best for given x scenario?

This comes down to player choice and player interpretation. It depends on the player’s style of playing the game and how they tune their ride. But IMHO, here are some scenarios where a given legendary set would be best

  • Free roam: You can go either live reward sniffer or score breaker. Sniffer due to the free roam, plus this is the only way to come across the caches. You cannot come across them racing. Score breaker for certain vehicles if you are looking to complete most or all the skill challenges in the game.
  • Street Racing: Obvious choice comes down to the Nitro Chemist Set. Double duration with the ideal perks in mind makes this section of the game easier (and potentially faster too). You can easily hit your top speed in any vehicle now. Key perks you want would be extra pump and resourceful. All remaining nitro perks, excluding tricky, are useful as well.
  • Drift: Fame magnet. You rarely use nitro here unless you are trying to influence your car’s direction when counter-steering. I would rather gain more followers than trying to get more nitrous. Just make sure your key perks are hothead and slippery.
  • Drag: Nitro Chemist again. Longer use of nitro, the easier you can hit the top speed and the faster your drag time(s) will be. The key perks here will be Pure and (cannot believe I’m saying this) Frenetic. Focus on your nitro power.
  • Hyper: Depends. You want to have more nitrous? Nitro Chemist. Are you farming parts trying to get legendary or spare parts? Gold digger. You need more followers? Fame Magnet. Any one of the three will do you well
  • Alpha GP/F1: Nitro Chemist but, be warry of wheel spin. Not enough straights to hit top speed, but at least you will have nitro ready at any given moment. Key perks to get will be extra pump and heavy emphasis on resourceful.
  • Power Boat: Not surprised that Nitro Chemist is chosen again. With one gear and good top speed, you can outdo most, if not, the entire pack off the line and then some. Key perks would be extra pump and, depending on the location, either ventilated or pure.
  • Air Race: Fame magnet. Hitting the gates perfect gives back nitro and combining that with extra pump makes nitro chemist fall short in this category. Might want to aim for a set bonus that is a bit more useful. Nitro chemist is still useful but not needed if you are hitting the gate perfectly. However, I do see how this can quickly become busted/op. Key perks to aim for will be popular, gateway, extra pump, perfectionist, and extreme mode.
  • Touring Car/GT1/GT3/GTE/etc.: Nitro chemist. I lost count how many times I mentioned nitro chemist. Just like Alpha GP, you may not have enough straights to hit the top speed, but you will have nitro ready at any given time. Key perks to aim for will be extra pump, resourceful, pure, and drifty in the case your car starts to slide.
  • Monster Truck: Any except Score breaker and Live reward sniffer. Fame Magnet works, no reason to explain why. Gold digger if you want to get up to max performance quicker or have more chances at legendary parts. Nitro chemist to hit top speeds before jumps and loops
  • Aerobatics: See Monster truck but aim more for fame magnet.
  • Jet Sprint: Nitro Chemist. Get through those gates faster, no more no less. Key perks to aim for will be extra pump, pure, frenetic, and resourceful.
  • Demolition Derby: Anything except score breaker and live reward sniffer. Refer to monster truck reasonings. For the nitro chemist, I guess you can take someone out at a faster speed?
  • Rally Cross: Nitro Chemist (broken record here). Treat this section like Touring car and street racing. Key perks to aim for will be extra pump, drifty, resourceful, muddy (yea you heard that right), ventilated, shifty and drag bump. Until the dead heat/catch up model is further tweaked (less unfair to the player aka CPU constantly gaining power from nowhere), you going to need drag bump and shifty.
  • Moto Cross: Depends. I did not play enough motocross to say which would work here. Nitro chemist if you want to go fast as Sonic (not as fast and thank god they’re fixing his movie appearance). Fame for more followers. And gold digger for the same monster truck reason
  • Rally Raid: Reminds me of the ps2 game called Shox (google it). Given how you are on open road off road, nitro chemist become a must. Hit and keep that top speed for as long as you can while maintaining vehicle control. Key perks to aim for will be extra pump, pure, frenetic, ventilated, muddy, drifty, and resourceful.
  • Hovercraft: Played it for a while and it is fun. Nitro chemist could help here seeing how close pack the racing can be. Key perks would be extra pump, drifty, and pure. Hey, you could also make fame magnet and gold digger work here as well, but you should primarily focus on the race.
  • LIVE Summit: Overall seeing the event line-ups ahead of time, you have a tie between two sets. Nitro chemist due to all the racing, refer to the race type to get it’s following key perk suggestion. And for the second time ever, score breaker. For the vets that played The Crew wild Run, you know we are going to get 3 challenging skill-based events per summit. Some of them being more point based than distance base. Refer to the free roam bullet point to get the key perk breakdown. Speaking of LIVE summits…
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LIVE summit legendary rewards (a complete set or boosted set)

After getting ranked 1409th in the Rising Sun event, I did get the “new” Evo (not that new) and the legendary boosted drift parts. To claim these boosted parts, simply go to any HQ and pick them up from your mailbox/storage. You should get 3 power increasing parts and 1 tire part for drifting. When I was applying these parts to my 370z, I was reading the perks that came pre-determined on them. After reading them they seem like any ole regular perk bonus on legendary parts, right? Wrong, dead wrong. So, the parts came with slippery which hits a max bonus of 14 on legendary set, is set at 10 and hothead which hits a max bonus of 8% on legendary set, is set at 10%. No, you did not read that wrong. Hothead which hits a max bonus of 8% on legendary set, is set at 10%. It turns out the boosted parts can go over some perk limits making them the holy rolls (better than perfected). If you were a part of the lucky few ranked with a gold medal or higher obtaining these parts, do not reroll hothead because you will not get anything over 8% like this set gave.

This leaves the next rewarded legendary set in question, nitro chemist for street racing with perks set for extra pump and resourceful. Would those parts also be subjected to having perk bonuses going over the maximum allowable cap? Who know but I can say for the boosted reward sets, we are going to see parts going over their bonus cap.

Ending remarks

I hope this had help someone, even a single person today. If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestive edits that need to be maid, please leave your reply below. Thank you and have a grand time racing!

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