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Let’s Talk Repeating Summits

The Crew 9 - Let’s Talk Repeating Summits

In this post I’m hoping to start a discussion about repeating summits. I’m going to cover what I think some of the issues are with the current way in which summits have been repeated and then present some solutions. One reason for this is that I wanted to consider how they could go about giving more players more opportunities to earn past summit rewards, especially as the game gets older.

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on this, and if you do have a differing opinion or ideas, please share, but also exalting why you may have a different opinion. For example, maybe you don’t think there are any issues with repeating summits, but please explain why you think this and what is so good about how it’s done currently that give you that opinion.

Lastly, I’ve played since launch and I play in Xbox, so I have no issue getting platinum myself, though I have missed a few rewards when I wasn’t able to play.

The Issues:

  1. No schedule or consistency to repeated summits. The time range it has taken to repeat a summit spans between 4 – 8 months, so there is no consistency in how long it takes before a summit has been repeated. So far 5 summits have been repeated and it appeared the plan was to repeat summits in between new ones being added, but this didn’t happen on the recent addition of summits… so we have no idea if or when a summit will be repeated, or whether a summit will be repeated more than once, and if or when that will be.

  2. To get the vehicle on repeat, a player still has to contend with the players that earned platinum previously and are competing again because there is no alternative event to do and no incentive not to play… essentially the same 3000 players might get platinum again and no new players are able to earn the reward vehicle.


So I am first making the assumption that the reason for IVT to repeat summits at all, is to aprovide more players with another opportunity to earn the unique rewards associated with those summits (mainly the vehicles), and to fill any gaps in development.


1.1 Repeat all summits with an exclusive reward at the end of a “season”. This could be delayed, so that last seasons rewards are repeated at the end of a current season. I feel this one provides the least amount of potential conflict in a schedule. 1.2 Or an alternative solution to the schedule consistency is to simply repeat a summit at a set amount of time after its original release, and do this consistently.

  1. Repeat an old summit with a new summit. The new summit would be for a new unique vehicle, while the old one would be for a previous reward. You can only take part in one and a player would choose that before entering. This would encourage players that have the old vehcile to go after the new one, while making it much more likely that 3k new players will get the old reward and still have to achieve platinum to do so.

  2. Make the summit reward vehicles available as a lower tier reward in new summits. There are currently more summits in the game than there weeks in the year, which is making repeating old summits more and more challenging on any kind of set schedule. Each time a reward is brought back it would be at a lower tier reward, so first would be lowered to gold, then silver (maybe never below a silver tier reward, this part could be debated).

  3. Combination of above solutions. They could first repeat an old summit, and then bring the rewards back later as a lower tier reward in new summits.

The key to all of this that I would like to see/know, is a set schedule and time frame for how and when summits are repeated. There are various ways to then give more players the opportunity to earn the reward, but please note I am not advocating that these things start to be given away like a participation medal. But as the game get older, and there continue to be new players, I believe it’s healthy for the game if everyone gets opportunities to earn these vehicles for their collection.

Please let me know your thoughts, and as I said it’s great if people’s opinions differ, but please try to join the conversation with your own reasoned ideas and opinions, and offer solutions to any problems you bring up.

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