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Livery Editor enhancements thread

The Crew 6 - Livery Editor enhancements thread

Greetings Crewmen!

With the addition of window stickers, i got super hyped to work on the cars now that it has more flexibility, but the livery editor seems to be missing a couple of features that if implemented it will make it probably the best livery editor i saw and used in a good while.

Smooth shapes and soft shading shapes:

zcZJVct - Livery Editor enhancements thread

the shapes i am talking about are the shapes that resemble the shape on the left in this image, i honestly don't know their official technical term, so i call them soft shapes and hard shapes.

These shapes make soft shading an easier task, adding more details to designs and opening a few more doors to editing and creating paintjobs and liveries.

an example are these two images, one is fully made with hard shapes, the second is soft shapes thrown into the mix.

TEY5sJ7 - Livery Editor enhancements thread

Hard shapes only.

b2VHFdV - Livery Editor enhancements thread

Hard + Soft shapes.

Camera edits to help with the window stickers:

If you worked on any of the window stickers first time, you must've faced up with your stickers looking too stretched, that's because the stickers you add are always perfectly sized as if you're looking at them face forward, aligned to the front and not to the actual window, so they end up a little stretched and you have to either squeeze them down a little to fix the perspective or alternatively leave them as is and hope they look good enough.

usually that does the job, but some stickers and especially grouped stickers and default manufacturer stickers end up stretched weirdly or unable to be stretched to fit the perspective shift.

a few fixes that would help as far as i see are these, 2 are easy fixes i believe, the third is a little harder:

  1. 3RvYAID - Livery Editor enhancements thread

    add a larger angle to the front and back view cameras so that you can face your window forward and not at an angle.
  2. make the stickers on the window automatically change perspective to match with the window angle, so it's not always aligned with the front only, but aligned with the geometry of the car (I.E the windshield and back window geometry.

  3. make the windows their own category within the livery editor, so you have something along the lines of left > left window > front > front window > right > right window > rear > rear window > top.

Overlays and extra effect shapes:

One thing i felt missing in the editor is some texture overlay or grunge or dirt textures to add effects like a buffed out paint or rusty areas or leaking paint or spray can effects.

sure, you can create the grunge effects on your own, but you can so much with 1000 layers before you full up your quarterpanel with a ton of dots and not being able to do anything to the rest of the paint…

More Livery and custom groups slots:

i think this one is self-explanatory, more slots means more resources while working, and more liveries means more custom paintjobs created by people, gives editing a bigger breathing room.

and again, if you're going for a super detailed design that takes a LOT of layers, i think the layer limit should be upped to 2000 at least in my opinion.

and i think that's about it for me really, i dunno if there's any other suggestions, if anyone else has any other suggestions please post them in the comments!

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